Destiny 2 Xbox One X And PS4 Pro Patches Are Coming

Bungie is releasing Xbox One and PS4 Pro patches to make the shooter look even better.

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Kribwalker374d ago

“Additionally, there will be "adaptive 4K resolution" on PS4 Pro and regular 4K on Xbox One X.”

Native 4k on one x and “adaptive 4k” for the Pro. I guess i’ll happily eat this crow, now that bungie isn’t holding back for parity.
The OneX will once again be the Best Version on Consoles.

gangsta_red374d ago

Wow, looks like that answered my curiosity if Bungie would play to the strengths of each console.

Christopher373d ago

Free crow for everyone!

To be honest, it's not like it would be unheard of to see parity due to partnership.

Obscure_Observer373d ago


"Free crow for everyone!"

I'll have some with my humble pie.

MegaMohsi373d ago Show
TankCrossing373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

If all other details are the same and the X just performs a mite better by virtue of the hardware handling the dynamic scaling then I'd call that parity in terms of development.

The PC version is obviously the ceiling at the moment. If the Pro and the X are both at the ceiling in terms of textures and effects then you can't grumble. Hopefully that is the case.

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maybelovehate373d ago

I kind of feel bad for Sony. The engineers on the PS4 Pro really screwed up.

pyroxxx373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

What did they screw up exactly?? It is a year older premium PlayStation 4, with much more competitive price even when launched,.. What is there bad to feel for Sony,.. ?? They are the market leader and will remain that,..If anything MS will have even harder time competing with Sony,.. (PS: They also have the best games) You make no sense

shuvam09373d ago

Somehow I feel that a $50 price drop on the Pro will send the X into oblivion...

hulk_bash1987373d ago

What they need to add is a 1080p/60fps mode. Or a Performance mode to boost that fps to as close to 60fps as possible. Because the PC version plays so much better at 60fps.

maybelovehate373d ago

Agreed. Would prefer a 60fps version. Although Bungie pretty much said it won't happen sadly.

hulk_bash1987373d ago

True, but if they really don't care about parity, then why wouldn't they? People who have PCs that can only run the game at 30fps have to go against those that can run it at 60. So why does it really matter? Their logic/excuse is laughable at best. Here's hoping they wise up and give the mid-gen enthusiasts what they really want from their souped up consoles.

Obscure_Observer373d ago


"True, but if they really don't care about parity, then why wouldn't they? People who have PCs that can only run the game at 30fps have to go against those that can run it at 60. So why does it really matter? Their logic/excuse is laughable at best."

Both Microsoft and Sony has stricly policies against games running at higher framerates on both X and Pro (Multiplayers modes) in comparisson with the OG Xbox One and PS4. Bungie has no call in this matter.

Digital Foundry analisys on BF1 exposed advanges that PS4 Pro owners had against OG PS4 owners and DICE had not choice but to patch the game to bring balance between the two versions immediately.

hulk_bash1987373d ago (Edited 373d ago )


If this were the case, why would Bungie devs state they tried to push PS4 Pro to 60 and just couldn't with the increased fidelity in Destiny 2?

Obscure_Observer372d ago


"According to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro documents, the company requires frame rate parity between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro when it comes to multiplayer games."

This piece is from the source that you provide.

"If this were the case, why would Bungie devs state they tried to push PS4 Pro to 60 and just couldn't with the increased fidelity in Destiny 2?"

Devs can (and must) run tests to stress the hardware in order to know what the hardware on question is capable of. Besides, like i said, framerate parity is only required for competItive multiplayer modes. Devs are free to do what they want regarding frame rate on SP modes and maybe even on MP non competItive modes (coop PVE)

hulk_bash1987372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

From the very same article:
"Since Bungie announced that Destiny 2 would run at 30 FPS on PlayStation 4 Pro and that the console wasn’t powerful enough to handle 60 FPS, many gamers have turned to Microsoft to ask them what their policy on parity was. Turns out, Microsoft doesn’t have one. Developers are free to even make their multiplayer games 60 FPS on Project Scorpio if they want."

They've also very clearly stated that they werent expressly told to hold a platform back because of marketing deals or parity clauses. It's simply that they weren't able to run the game at 60fps on the Pro because of how they made the game. The CPU was the bottleneck.

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GNCFLYER373d ago

Life has now peaked for many..

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GamingCentaur373d ago

Nah. There’s tons of exclusive content for PS4 version. That’s the version to get.

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Xerneas374d ago

This is what I mean by true 4K gaming console. Many, many games will be native 4K on the Xbox One X. Truly an impressive piece of hardware.

Uken12373d ago

Too bad MS has no exclusives or interesting games coming. I really wish they did and were more aggressive like the 360 days.

DEEHULK88373d ago


Now they EXCLUSIVELY have the best console versions of the games that sell the most.

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Nerf373d ago


Choosing your console should be based on where your friends play. Almost all of Sony's exclusives are single player games, boring. Microsoft has fewer exclusives, but those exclusives almost always have multiplayer modes.

Why should my console of choice be based on a few games that I'm going to beat in a few hours then never touch again? The answer is simple: it's for kids with no friends.

Smokingunz373d ago

True, but theyre doing there thing non the less. I hope things turn around as in regards to exclusives

Uken12372d ago


I get what you are saying but they have been beaten by Sony when it comes to exclusive content for online games. I don't have any friends on XB this gen. PS4 was the choice system this time. And when people generally buy a system you think of exclusives and online. Both systems get the same games and then one gets more exclusives. So the better choice is PS4 just because you are getting more for the money.

And many people saw it that way also.

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ZeroX9876373d ago (Edited 373d ago )


I'm confident in Sony that they'll deliver great games even when the competition has a more powerful hardware to run 3rd party games. PS1/PS2/PS3 were all technically less powerful than the competition and got victorious out of each gen. Have more confidence in your platform of choice instead of downplaying the competition.

MS won't sit there and wait either, they'll surely bring more games to Xbox Gamers considering how the X is selling right now!

DEEHULK88373d ago

Wii won last gen if you don't remember

crazyCoconuts373d ago

I agree. Nitpicking, but PS3 was actually more powerful than the 360, but had a weird parallel architecture that was hard to develop for.

Rude-ro373d ago

when you release TWO updated console this gen... something better be better.

maybelovehate373d ago

Sony also released three consoles. PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. Too bad the Pro was so poorly designed though.

Rude-ro373d ago

Sony re-skinned the ps4, as they always do.
Microsoft has released three different consoles this gen so far with two upgraded consoles.
The s is not s form factor, it is an upgraded console with more power, uhd player, 4 k upscaling. The x is an s upgraded with even more power.

Kribwalker373d ago

and the slim took away features vs the OG (digital optical is gone) and added 5ghz wifi. so no son, it’s not just a simple reskin

Rude-ro373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

I understand the importance of having to downplay the first upgrade so you children can say “this is how you do an upgrade”, but you would literally have to figure out how to drop the average iq by a factor of 80.
The Xbox one s is the first upgraded console with a boost to cpu/gpu, hdmi, 4K upscaling, and uhd player.
The Xbox one s provides better performance and image over the Xbox one per ALL performance articles and even Microsoft’s own words.
The ps4 slim is a ps4 with, quoting you “the removal of a function” known as a downgrade actually in the Webster dictionary. Wifi is upgraded. Oh, my bad. I did not realize that it literally changed how a game plays and performs like the Xbox one s did. My bad. :/
The x is the third console, 2nd upgrade this gen. Fact. Spin it how you want, or downvote, but that only makes me laugh at the lack of intelligence that a fan base has to try and protect Microsoft.

Added: the s version also released at a higher price than the xbox one. The slim released to a price drop that was in line with current ps4 model. Giving more solid proof of an upgrade.

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NeodeosX373d ago

Well, it sure is an impressive piece of hardware, but 0 interest imo because it's badly lacking on the exclusives side. I won't buy an Xbox One X just to play Forza 7 @4K display, and the only games that interest me like Super Lucky's Tale and Ori and the Will of the Wrasp are on PC too, like most Xbox titles.
So, yeah, cool to have a powerful machine, but they'll need to boost up a lot their exclusive line-up, 'cause the competition is destroying them at that, and when I see God Of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Uncharted 4 or Horizon running on PS4 Pro, versus Xbox One X optimized games, I don't see any real visual gap. Devs and exclusives are what matter the most in the end, like always.

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GNCFLYER373d ago

X gamers truly went crazy with this new console. Obviously feelings have genuinely been hurt since 2014.

I have a pro and a 65 4k TV and play hzd on it. I also have a base pS4 in my bedroom with a 42 inch 1080p. When I go from the living room to the bedroom to play it i don't feel like I'm missing a thing.

It's going to be the same experience for you guys with a res bump.

The only thing graphically that has blown me away has been remasters/ remakes.

Ittoittosai373d ago

No they wont. It wont be many many it will be indies and some titles. AcO isnt 4k on either console.

CoryHG373d ago

Honestly, this is the first time i've seen yet where I applaud this. They proved what they can do with the PC version. This game gets crapped on too much.

GNCFLYER373d ago

You guys should come back to earth. I have a PRO and know what 4k looks like.

You have a res upgrade, nothing more. Something not even noticeable in motion.

If your games looked like remasters compared to even a PS4 that would be different.

DarXyde373d ago

Yeah, and still 30fps.

I really wish we'd stop celebrating native resolution over frame rate. One X has enough power to run games at 1080p/60fps. That should at least always be an option.

So sick of these resolution junkies.

Xerneas373d ago

60fps will always be a minority for consoles. How many 60fps games did we see throughout history on any console? Console holders were talking 1080p and 60fps before Xbox360 and PS3 launched. How did that go? Other than some really bad performance in some games, how many people actually cared? Today we have consoles way more powerful than 360 and PS3, yet the number of 60fps in games are still very limited.

1080p TVs sold today is for bedroom and budget markets. 4K is mainstream now. Eventually, 4KTVs will be replaced with a much higher resolution, perhaps with 21:9 also. The majority of gamers that really, really care about 60fps, or higher, are PC gamers. Maybe console gaming really isn't for you.

DarXyde373d ago


Except it doesn't haveto be and that's my point. I'm talking about having the option, especially for certain types of games. The One X is capable of outputting pretty much any of its titles at 60fps. The same goes for Pro.

And it's funny you say that maybe console gaming isn't for me, meanwhile the consoles are becoming more like PCs than ever.

Obscure_Observer373d ago


"One X has enough power to run games at 1080p/60fps. That should at least always be an option."

Bungie already said 60fps on these consoles is not possible due their old tweaked Destiny engine! The game is CPU bound so you´ll have little to no gain if you try and offset CPU tasks to the GPU.

DarXyde373d ago

Obscure _ observer,

Perhaps I should be more concise:

I'm fairly certain that, if you keep visuals equal to the base version, you can achieve 60fps. Destiny is a pretty stable game in terms of frame rate. I'm fairly positive the CPU can double the frame rate. If you increase the resolution, you increase the demand on the CPU to render frames. The demand on a CPU to achieve 60fps at 1080p is not the same as 60fps at 4K. So what I'm proposing is an option to keep visuals the same while improving frame rate, that's all. Again though, I don't believe for a moment that they can't get it to run as such. Engine might be old, but no one told them not to update it.

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OpenGL374d ago

Interesting that they held back the PS4 version of the first game to have parity with the Xbox One but has decided against it this time around.

Xerneas374d ago

Parity shouldn't happen. Smart move this time.

TankCrossing373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

What makes you think they haven't held back the Xbox version? If it's locked at 4k then there could well be headroom for improvement.

Bungie didn't actually force resolution parity last time around anyway. If you recall, the Xbox One version was going to be 900p (and was 900p in the open beta) next to the PS4's 1080p. It was a last minute intervention from MS that brought the Xbox up to 1080p, Bungie never entertained bring the PS4 down to the X1 level.

Rude-ro373d ago

“Both versions will be the same because we do not want fueling the console war and take away from the game”
“We will not hold back parity with the Xbox one x”


Wasn't the first game on 360 and ps3? I dont think it was held back because of xbox one...

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Elda373d ago

Nice! I plan on getting back to D2 next month when I start a 4 1/2 week vac from work & the patch will be something to look forward to though the game is already a nice looking game.

Crazywhitie373d ago

Glad to see the Xbox 1 X version forcing Bungee to finally give ps4 pro some support.. I own game on both systems but my high levels are on the Pro.

MegaMohsi373d ago

The Pro version already has a 4K mode, I'm not sure what they're talking about here. Improving the 4K mode or they just misspoke about that version. HDR is the real game changer IMO.

373d ago
MegaMohsi373d ago

I was referring to the Pro version, it already has a 4k mode. Why are they talking about 4K in a new Pro patch when it's already there was my question, had nothing to do with the X version but thanks for making your fanboy comment.

Sevir373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

MegaMohsi... I was saying the same thing, the PS4 Pro version already supports 2160p... It's been that way since the beta for Destiny 2.

This new update must be a dynamic option which introduces a resolution scaler while upping particle effects and bring textures up while adding HDR to the mix

AKS372d ago

It already has checkerboard rendering with adaptive resolution on Pro. HDR will be great, though. It's already a very colorful game with SDR. Looking forward to seeing Nessus and Io with HDR.