Microtransactions Practically Confirmed For Red Dead Redemption 2 comments on the prospect of microtransactions existing in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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jeromeface376d ago

Did anyone really think it would be otherwise??

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Elda376d ago

Folks here didn't agree with me buying games with MTs,all the folks that are dying to buy this game knowing this I wonder are they still going to buy.

Septic376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

Yeah but everyone here bought and loved Uncharted 4 and TLOU. So their rants are short sighted.

People whinge about microtransactions like they are cancerous but you get a lot of content in videogames these days without having to shell extra for stuff, depending on how they are implemented. Look at Titanfall 2 for a good example oh how cosmetic only items ensure free dlc

Hey if people despise microttansactions so much then vote with your wallet. I'm buying RDR day one.

Don't worry about folks judging you for buying games with MTs . So many have sheep mentality just joining the mob for no reason. If you like the game and want to get it and don't give a toss about MTs then go ahead.

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whothedog375d ago

For loot boxes/MT I think Overwatch did a good job, even when people weren't getting enough good drops(bought or earned) the community complained and they changed it up a bit. I still think this system is cancer and should be dropped, people need to stop supporting games that does this shit, especially single player games that have loot boxes.... sigh

If this does turn out to have MT in a poorly done fashion then no I won't play this. If it does turn out to have MT at all, it will probably not be a memorable or as enjoyable game for me.

Elda375d ago

You're absolutely right! I have several games now in my library that I play that have loot boxes & MTs that I enjoy playing & I haven't spent one dime especially Shadow of War.When RDR-2 releases I know all these folks saying that BS about MT's are going to buy the game day one.

TheSaint376d ago

And it's practically confirmed that I will be buying this second hand in a year or two, f**k you R*.

SickSinceSix376d ago

Hopefully they stay in the multiplayer part only.

zb1ftw777376d ago


I'm building tolerance to not buying games that i wanted to buy.

I don't care if i get this or not now.

ShellB376d ago

Pretty much. I used to have an itch to play the latest games but for a few years now, i've been loosing interest. Now all I game is indie games. Some of them are weird but I find them fun. Odd lol

Xenial360d ago

Damn, I thought I was the only one. Thank god there are still people with brains.

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