I Think I'm Done With Sonic Team

Sonic Team's Sonic Forces takes the speedy blue hedgehog to a new low, and this time, after the great Sonic Mania earlier this year, it's unforgivable.

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eagle21401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Just stick to 2D unless you allow Nintendo to direct a 3D adventure.

roadkillers401d ago

Agree 100%, they know how to make platformers

-Foxtrot401d ago

They obviously don't get it...they know what we want but they are so focused with adding something extra like gimmicks in their games that ruin the experience and takes the focus off the things which actually matter during development.

I honestly think they need to reboot everything and start fresh...make a 3D game with the classic Sonic model and just have a game where it's Sonic vs Robotnik. Less is more.

princejb134401d ago

So what do we want?
Last I checked the last 10 sonic games has been mediocre.
They gave us 2D already. They gave us 3D already.
The last sonic game I enjoyed was sonic adventure 2. I love sonic as a mascot but the time to retire him is long overdue

The 10th Rider401d ago

I mean, there's been a handful of decent Sonic games in the past decade or so. There's been a few bad ones and a few that are just, as you said, mediocre. Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors were good. Sonic Lost World, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Forces are all mediocre. Sonic Boom and Sonic and the Black Knight are both bad games. So more than half the games are at least mediocre and the games still sell, why should they stop making them? I'd agree if they were spitting them out every year or something like that, but it's been three years since Sonic Boom and that wasn't even a Sonic Team game.

ChronoJoe401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

A sonic game not made by the sonic team would be a good start, to be honest. Mania is better than anything the sonic team have produced in the last 10 years.

cha0sknightmare401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I'm totally on board for this. I do enjoy the boost gameplay (i loved Generations) and i think if Sonic Team could just focus on level design they could make a really good boost game, but seeing as they have been doing this style since Rush, and now that Forces did it so blandly and so uninspired. i think fatigue has really kicked in. They really need to to back to the drawing board and they need to feel inspired with a new style.

There's some interesting fan projects out there that are offering at least a different perspective. Utopia looks interesting for instance.

The only other thing that can really get hype rolling again is to announce Sonic Adventure 3 for the 30th Anniversary. Now i'm not a huge fan of the Adventure series (i think they are very flawed and full of filler myself) but i think the name and style carries a lot of weight, and i think people would REALLY get excited for an Adventure sequel. How they would actually go about making it live up to that name i've got no idea.

Personally my first choice would be just rebooting everything as @-Foxtrot suggested, classic models, Sonic (and maybe Tails) vs Eggman, and really trying to translate that what makes the 2D classics so good, into a 3D world.

hanko14401d ago

try an adventure again, a full 3d game. none of character creation crap, well the way they made. something more sonic, knuckles, tails

DigitalCentralMedia401d ago

I personally thought it was pretty good.

SegaGamer401d ago

Me too, but you just can't please some people. I have been saying it for a while now, a lot of the Sonic fanbase are so wrapped up in a nostalgia bubble that they can't move on from the 2D days.

Chocoburger400d ago

I'm halfway through the game, and it has some lacking aspects, like classic Sonic controls / physics are terrible (but manageable). The level visuals are great, but the level design is basic, even more basic than Genesis games.

If they had fixed classic Sonic controls / physics, and made levels equal to Sonic Adventure 1 / 2, then the game would have been received much more highly. Overall though, the game is nowhere near a disaster as many people are claiming it to be. Its very much playable, and even though the levels are short, they're highly replayable and fun while they last.

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