The Elder Scrolls Online Shows Impressive Xbox One X Improvements in New 4K Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online has just become a lot prettier on Xbox One X, thanks to native 4K resolution, improved draw distance and more.

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Xerneas38d ago

The Xbox One X will be the best place to play many new/upcoming console games, and it is even challenging PCs costing nearly triple for graphical powerhouse games. Consoles are better optimized than high end PCs for a boatload of games.

NoPeace_Walker37d ago

That video is amazing! True 4K indeed.

maybelovehate38d ago

Pretty awesome that they were able to basically bring over the Ultra settings from the PC version. Shows just how close the 1X is to a high end PC.

Gaming4Life198138d ago

I just played thus earlier and it looks great on the 1x.

runningx38d ago

Majestic. the beast needs to feast.

XStation4pio_Pro38d ago

man... this thing is bringing it.

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