Intel hires AMD's Raja Koduri, will develop high-end discrete graphics cards

Raja Koduri will expand Intel’s leading position in integrated graphics for the PC market with high-end discrete GPUs.

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dcbronco316d ago

Intel smells of desperation. I understand the move completely. They need to improve their integrated graphics. But I thing this is just as much about throwing a wrench in AMD's work.

3-4-5314d ago

3rd company entering the dedicated GPU market = lower prices and faster innovation and better specs for a cheaper price for all of us.

We win.

dcbronco313d ago

First, I haven't read up on this. But I would bet this is less about gaming and more about server integrated graphics and machine learning AI on the discreet side. Gaming is small fish for Intel. The other thing is if Zen and Vega really were worst case scenario outcomes for AMD, Intel had to do something. Rumors of the APUs releasing and the leaked specs and power consumption are giving Intel visions of shelves full of cheaper, more powerful laptops with longer battery life. Intel can't afford to lose low-mid priced laptops. And it looks like they will. AMD is stealing their market share. They have to stop the bleeding and stealing the head guy helps.

XiNatsuDragnel315d ago

Dang Intel want to be deseperate in beating AMD so bad now.

GameBoyColor315d ago

Meh, he failed with vega, don't think he'll be much use.

TankCrossing315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Another player in high-end discrete GPUs is great news. AMD have been consistently trailing NVidia for a good few years now, and NVidia are basically pricks with their pricing. Intel have the clout to shake things up a bit.

starchild314d ago

Definitely good news. More competition in the discrete GPU market is a good thing.

Cobra951314d ago

Intel has been collaborating with AMD for a while now. This is the result:

No desperation here. That looks awesome for portable form factors. Hiring this guy may be fallout from that project? Don't know, but clearly, these companies have been in bed together a while.

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