Harry Potter Console Games Are Coming And They Sound Interesting

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the gaming division of the movie and TV giant, has announced the formation of a new Harry Potter games label called Portkey Games. Named after the magical item from the book and movie series, Portkey Games will oversee the launch of "a series of mobile and console game experiences."

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Relientk77373d ago

Please be good console games

SheenuTheLegend373d ago

"a series of mobile and console" well if its same on mobile. don't expect it to be that good like batman series

fuccboi373d ago

WB know how to make licenced games, even if one is unfamiliar with the universe.

Summons75373d ago

They also know how to ruin them with micro-transactions.

Krysis373d ago

So do 95% of all developers on the planet, read Take 2 earnings call from this week. All games published by take 2 going forward will have microtransactions. I hope Sony sticks to their guns and keeps them to a minimum, otherwise the industry we love is doomed.

UltraNova373d ago

Has anyone else read about Rocksteady doing a Superman game lately?

DillyDilly373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Are they gonna remaster the old games is what Im wondering or Backwards Compatible them ?

stupidusername373d ago

The Harry Potter universe sure do have potential for really awesome games. Hopefully now that the movies are over they can take their time instead of shipping out a unfinished product to cash in on hype surrounding the movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.