Final Fantasy XIV's Paying Subscribers Increased by Stormblood Expansion

Final Fantasy XIV's new Stormblood expansion has been pushing the number of the game's paying subscribers upward, Square Enix reports.

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FallenAngel1984398d ago

That’s impressive in a time when many people prefer their MMOs to be free to play

PapaBop397d ago

Kind of to be expected really, it's only natural for active subscribers to temporarily go up early on in a new expansion. Still, it's good to see a game other than WoW flying the subscription model flag and being successful. The game is far better for it too, it easily has the best community I've seen in an MMO since pre cu SWG

datriax397d ago

Wow. Amazing that this game is so incredible, that it goes against the established pattern of all other MMO's that LOSE subscribers when a NEW expansion pack comes out.

Way to go FF XIV. SE's genius has no limit.