Shadow of the Colossus, One of the All-Time Gaming Greats, Stuns on PS4 | Push Square

Push Square: "Between the likes of the God of War Collection and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, developer Bluepoint’s rightly earned the reputation of being the masters of remasters. But with Shadow of the Colossus’ impending PlayStation 4 remake it’s taking its work to an extraordinary new level – and the results are mesmerising to say the least."

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Longshot810397d ago

Best this twice already on ps2 and ps3. Guess i gotta go at it one more time

starchild397d ago

Haha me too. But it's a masterpiece and this remake looks stunning. There's no way I would go without the definitive version of the game.

sloth3395397d ago

wish I could best something too

Longshot810397d ago

@sloth3395 dammit, i just realized i messed up on that. Lol. But yeah, besting games is great

DarXyde397d ago

That's kind of where I'm skeptical. I saw this in the article:

"The colour palette has changed, which will no doubt cause controversy; gone is the oversaturated ethereal bloom of the PlayStation 2 version, replaced by a more mythical fantasy fog. We were sceptical of this alteration prior to seeing the demo up close, but the results are staggering – the original’s mysterious ambience is still intact."

I'm glad they acknowledged this. I've been vocal in saying that there's something about the visual direction that doesn't give me the sense that I'm facing gods like PS2 and PS3 did...but they also acknowledge that seeing it up close is a different experience. Part of me feels very strange thinking about buying it for the third time, but dammit, I'm slowly coming around to the idea.

Also, please tell me you didn't beat this game exactly two times. It's so great. This is a game that deserves to be played at least twice every year.

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The_Sage397d ago

This will be my third time buying this game, and it's worth every penny. I don't even know how many times I've beat this game. Now... If they would just do Ico like this.

Dark_Knightmare2396d ago

I would love ico tbh I liked it better than shadow of the colossus. I came to the party last for these games and didn't play them till the hd collection on PS3 but I loved them both just loved ico a tad more. I only beat both once so I'm excited to tackle my second playthrough of shadow on feb

shuvam09396d ago

The reason why I started with console gaming (along with Burnout Revenge)...
This game is a legend right here...
I just hope Ueda doesn't take too long with his next game...

Valkron1396d ago

I already paid for it twice. Only renting it this time

TomatoDragon396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Will get it, again. Maybe Ico next.

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