Take-Two "very pleased" with NBA 2K18's sales on Switch, "supportive of the platform corporately"

NE: "Yesterday, Take-Two Interactive reported its financial results. The company also held an earnings call with investors and others who are tied to the company. Early on in the call, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick commented on the performance on NBA 2K18. In terms of Switch specifically, Zelnick said: “we’re very pleased with the title’s performance on this new platform”."

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mikel1015253d ago

Looks like Nintendo is swaying all the third parties.

Capcom, Bandai Namco, 2K, Square-Enix, Koei Tecmo. All of them are happy with their game sales on Switch and are boosting their internal support for the system

EddieNX 253d ago

Just what I was gunna type. It's going really well.

strayanalog253d ago

I know this isn't going to shut anyone up on weak support, and that same support can always leave, but the one thing I do know is: EA, take notice from Take-Two. This makes you look worse.

michellelynn0976253d ago

The Switch version of NBA 2k 18 is selling very good. Not as good as the PS4 and X Box One, but it is hanging in there with them and that is the important thing.

Shiken253d ago

Considering the Switch is literally only 1/6th of the PS4, it is selling fantastically. At this stage of the game, it is all about attatch ratio and growth potential when it comes to Switch. Sales gaps will only close as the install base grows.

michellelynn0976252d ago

Exactly. As long as Nintendo fans continue to buy the games. Third parties will stick around.

wonderfulmonkeyman252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Take Two?
PLEASED with Nintendo?
Well now...compared to usual...
*puts on sunglasses*
Ain't that a Switch? 8)

marloc_x252d ago

Take Two did a double-take.. 😎

eagle21252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

You know what will make you so pleased you'll do happy dances? Release a GTA on Switch. lol