EA's Star Wars & Anthem Will Make the Same Mistakes as The Division & Destiny

"I have some issues with always-online shooters that I really hope EA deviates from with Anthem and the ex-Visceral Star Wars game." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Nodoze375d ago

Say what you will, I still enjoy The Division.

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HeyNowChillax375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

It's fun game to play during a winter snowstorm in NY. PS4 Pro patch was also a nice bump.

Skull521375d ago

The mistake was releasing these "MMO" type games with far to little content. I did everything there was to do in both the Division and Destiny in 3 sittings, then I never touched them again. The promise of more content weeks out didn't keep me playing, I'm not buying sequels to either because of it.

JBaby343375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

"I did everything there was to do in both the Division and Destiny in 3 sittings, then I never touched them again."

You platinumed the division in 3 sittings? It took me months. Or am I misunderstanding when you say you did everything there was to do?

The Division was great for campaign Co-op with friends but I always hated the gank-fest that was/is the dark zone.

Also, does this mean Visceral's Star Wars game is still in production just with a different dev?

starrman1985375d ago

The Division was great, I am tempted to pick it up on PS4 with the new update on its way. One thing that The Division did right (unless it's changed now) was zero microtransactions!

_-EDMIX-_375d ago

I don't own it, but many folks on PSN say its still pretty good as I find many exaggerate the game.

From those who actually play it, I hear great things many times.

Edito375d ago

For me The Division is one of the worst games of this generation.

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datriax375d ago

They're not mistakes, when they're intentional. May wanna reword that.

TheLeapist375d ago

Uh you can do something intentionally and still have it be a mistake.

madforaday375d ago

It is only a mistake if the person who did it, thinks it is a mistake.

Aenea375d ago


Lol, what? So if a doctor makes a mistake and the patient dies it's not a mistake if they don't think it's one?

If a cop kills an innocent person or not a mistake if the cop doesn't think it is?

Silly logic!

datriax375d ago

Jesus. Please tell me you are mentally impaired mr. semantics.

TheLeapist374d ago

@datriax Instantly jumps to name calling. Doesn't understand how to use basic words.

Yeah you're going places.

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slate91375d ago

I hope not, so much promise.

Cy375d ago

If Anthem doesn't have a non-linear single player then BioWare is dead. And so is Anthem, probably.

zaherdab375d ago

dead for you maybe ... if this genre wasn't successful for developers they wouldnt keep investing in it

instantstupor375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Well, at least we saw EA come to the realization that Battlefront was impacted by not having a campaign, and then rectified that in the sequel. I'm hoping that since Anthem is clearly a cornerstone IP for them, they'll take that lesson and make sure Anthem has wide appeal by not focusing solely on a multiplayer experience.

It had a great 1st showing, but if we find out that the solo experience is an afterthought? Then I think there will be a sizable portion of the game-buying public that will decide not to pony up on launch day and EA will feel the pain come NPDs.

We know big publishers will almost unashamedly be chasing after the MTX and GaaS trash in every new release. And we know these types of post-launch content thrive more connected games where you face off/pair up with others where you can show off your trinkets (or buy an advantage). So at the very least, we can expect this to be some variant of always online, though hopefully I'm wrong.

So sure, solo players will likely not figure into this after-sale income in a meaningful way, but I still can't imagine EA chasing that to the potential exclusion of 1/4 to 1/3 (or whatever) of their overall sales of the base game. I think we'll see a campaign that will be balanced for solo or co-op play. If not, well...that'd be a shame.

zaherdab375d ago

the mistakes of selling millions of copies ?

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