Microsoft’s Shannon Loftis Interview - Talking Xbox One X, Crackdown 3's Delay, PUBG, and More!

Recently AusGamers had the opportunity to sit down with general manager of Microsoft’s Global Games Publishing, Shannon Loftis, to discuss the new console and pose some questions about the past, present, and future of Xbox.

A snippet...

But again, it’s hard to shake the feeling that the Xbox One X represents a new console. Albeit one that changes the story a bit. Instead of starting anew with brand new interfaces, controllers, and games, the One X simply offers the best version, visually speaking, of the Xbox One line. Like a fancy new phone, but a console.

“I think hardware needs to continue to evolve and will continue to evolve, and Xbox is always going to be the cornerstone to our gaming business,” Shannon tells me. “I do think that there's a certain value to gamers in knowing that if they game on the Xbox One S or the Xbox One X, and we move on at some point in the future to a different version of the console, that library still works. That it still applies. And this actually turns out to be of value to developers as well because then they can choose when to sequel, or create, and it's not forced by some new console lifecycle.”

Which begs the question, are we effectively seeing the end of the traditional console cycle?

“Are we consciously trying to overturn the generational cycle?” Shannon pauses, “I wouldn't say that's the goal. It may have that impact, but what we're trying to do really is just deliver the choice that gamers want.”

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PhoenixUp401d ago

I still have yet to get why people thought Crackdown 3 would’ve made a huge impact if it released this holiday. Crackdown has never been that big a franchise, yet as soon as the third installment gets announced with power of the cloud everyone hypes it up to high heaven

freshslicepizza401d ago

You just said it, cloud technology was supposed to lead the charge which is what the excitement was over the actual Crackdown IP. This is why it has to deliver on those promises.

I still don't think Shannon gets it. She still thinks two first party games is enough but it isn't. Microsoft needs to release more games, plain and simple.

401d ago
XStation4pio_Pro401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

they are bro. f7, super luckys tale, cuphead, crackdown 3 and pubG and sea of thieves are all released or releasing soon (F7 reviewed better than GTS and PUBG is the biggest selling game in the world right now). They also have some games in the works that haven't even been announced yet, not to mention they themselves just announced a shift to more first party attention. I know this cuz we are a vendor that works on their media/advertising so we know whats coming down the pipe before its announced because we help build the media they announce with. That plus the fact that until the next generation, xbox will have the best versions of all the multiplatform versions in between. Do they need some more exclusives? yes. but that is a very dynamic state, unlike hardware and despite what the internet says, theres more than enough games to keep gamers satisfied. Its not like Sony is ONLY releasing exclusives every single month. hell most of the recently announced sony exclusives won't be here for another year or 2 anyway.

darthv72401d ago

Crackdown is just a FUN game. Something that seems to be few and far between.

spreadlove401d ago

Phil Spencer already said, the suppor the hardware and platform has received so far is the same focus and investment they are doing into first party game. They will reveal it to blow your mind when the games are ready.

Goldby401d ago

@Spread, they ahve said that every year, whats different now.

andrewsquall401d ago

@XStation4pio_Pro Is that it though bro? You just named off 3 games there that haven't left much of an impact on Xbone this year and a timed early access exclusive.
Sea of Thieves is "releasing soon"? It still doesn't have a solid release date yet and the same goes for Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2. Crackdown 3 wasn't even delayed with a new release date. It was practically delayed to late May 2018 in the US with that "Spring 2018" placeholder.

For comparison purposes, Shadow of the Colossus Remake just got a solid release date in February and God of War for "early 2018" which is very likely March to historically go with every other GOW launch. Why bring up a remade game? Because a remastered Xbox original game, with added microtransactions, was pretty much the only exciting thing for Xbox fans throughout most of early 2017, even if it was free. I think you will agree SOTC Remake is a big deal by contrast.

They "also have some games in the works that haven't even been announced yet"? Like pretty much every single publisher out there?

The fact that THAT was the list you could only come up with just explains in mountains, what people are trying to tell you about the lack of massive exclusive AAA games on Xbone.

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Elda401d ago

I'm guessing it would have been a little more of a incentive to play & showcase on the XBOX for the holidays knowing now it only has 2 recent games Cuphead & Forza.

Jinger401d ago

Well yeah I was excited for 2 things with Crackdown 3

1. Too see how Azure works in a real life situation (not on the show floor room)
2. Another just dumb fun sandbox Crackdown game that is more Crackdown 1 than 2...

I mean... I would have bought it this holiday with my 1X...

obidanshinobi401d ago

I would've bought it day one just for the single player.
I'm not interested in the MP one bit.

shloobmm3401d ago

They hype it up because what is doing using the cloud is revolutionary. No one else has attempted something to that scale and that's why people are so excited about it. It's different and unique. Being able to carve out a hole in any shape in a wall and then pick that chunk of wall up and throw it at someone if you want. It's a cool feature and I hope it expands to other games once they figure it out.

yeahright2401d ago

It's just a case of being all they really have to get hyped about. They need to generate buzz on something. granted you're right, put CD3 in the playstation lineup and it'd be just another Sony game in a long list of games. but from the xbox point of view, it's the only real big title they have so all the hype gets placed on it. Add on cloud hype that was supposed to be all over the place on multiple games, but gets segregated to just CD3.. and well that's why it gets so much hype.

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ElementX401d ago

I think crackdown is getting a graphics overhaul

Jinger401d ago

I'm sure they are squashing bugs, but it aint going to get better with just a couple extra months. This time was to fix some AI bugs and probably iron out the last of the kinks with the cloud computing.

andrewsquall401d ago

Because its NOT being brought to standard Xbone now?

343_Guilty_Spark401d ago

Do you have any interest in buying an Xbox?

MegamanXXX401d ago

What does that have to do with the article?

andrewsquall401d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark Exactly. When the answer to your question is an easy big NO, you know your head of publishing is doing something wrong.

obidanshinobi401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Have to agree, Phil Spencer too.
They're just suits in place to maximise profits for the shareholders, they don't give a shit about generating new IPs to expand and maintain the fanbase.
In chasing the latest craze to make a fast buck for the shareholders, MTs, loot boxes, PUBG etc they're not thinking long term.
MS are so rich that China owes them money (just an expression) yet they won't take any risks.

richie007bond401d ago ShowReplies(1)
rlow1401d ago

My worry for Crackdown is it going to go the loot box way and that's why their delaying it.