PS4 Keeps Dominating Ubisoft's Sales; Xbox One Follows, but Nintendo Switch Debuts Strongly at 12%

Ubisoft released its financial results for the first half of the fiscal year, also updating on which platforms the publisher's games sold the most.

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chrisx403d ago

Ps4 Dominating the competition? The Sky is Blue.

Sonic_Vs_Mario403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Actually the Sky is green where I live

Thatguy-310402d ago

With faces in the clouds and dancing flowers i bet.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_08402d ago

U must live in a Ozone area then. XD

badz149402d ago


I think you should get out of the forest you're currently living in and get some fresh air and back to reality

dirkdady402d ago

Xbox x owners complaining about devs not taking advantage of the hardware - think about this, why would they spend the extra cycles and $$ on something that makes up such a tiny % of the pie?

If Microsoft pays them that's a different story.

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Kratos_Kart2007402d ago

cocaine is one hell of a drug... :)

sprinterboy402d ago

You mean 80% washing powder

401d ago
spreadlove402d ago

I'm kind of surprised that with PS4 having more than double the user base than Xbox One, is only able to capture 50% more sales. Either the PS4 on average sells software poorly, or the Xbox One user base is bigger than we think it is.

Thatguy-310402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

So you want ps4 games to sell 10+million plus only because they have 60+ million install base??? Are you new to console gaming or are you just trolling? There are only a few titles that are able to sell that much on a single platform. Ps4 is booming with software sales hird party and first party.

bluefox755402d ago

I'm not, we have actual great exclusives to play on PS4, so Ubisoft games don't always get the most consideration. And if Xbox fans are to be believed, they absolutely love their multiplats, way more than exclusives, for some reason.

Chevalier401d ago

Your math needs some work buddy. The PS4 over 6 months accounted for 36% whereas Xbox had 21% that works out to a ratio of 1.71: 1. Also consider how much more competing products are on PS4 exclusively and that is pretty amazing. Companies only care how many millions of units more are sold NOT ratios and percentages. If you work out the actual amount the PS4 had $70 million more sales than Xbox. Do you think $70 million is some small amount?! Idiotic.

trooper_401d ago

Your downplaying is hilarious.

S2Killinit401d ago

Its partly because Playstation has more games so the gamers have more options and sales get divided between a larger game library.

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Chevalier402d ago

I think the most surprising thing was the Switch at 19% versus Xbox One 20%!

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Neonridr403d ago

Switch sales would be from Mario + Rabbids no doubt. A great game.

Abriael403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Indeed they mostly are.

uptownsoul402d ago

Numbers seem to confirm it as well...Mario + Rabbids came out late Aug '17 (which was the last quarter)...And if you notice that the last 3 months (the last quarter) the percentage from Ubisoft's sales on Switch were higher (19%) compared to the last 6 months over all (the last 2 quarters, 12%)

Big_Game_Hunters401d ago

Impressive that it still managed 19% from basically one game.

septemberindecember403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Of course the PS4 is. It’s the highest selling home console this generation. With a higher install base comes more buyers of games.

I’d be weirded out if PS4 wasn’t selling the most Ubisoft games.

Lime123403d ago

Isn't there much more PC gamers than PS4 gamers?

septemberindecember403d ago

Didn’t I make the distinction of current generation home consoles?

andrewsquall402d ago

@septemberindecember You did and yet if you go to the actual Dualshockers article, you will see yourself that PS4 is indeed selling more units of Ubisoft's games than PC.
Just because you failed to mention it doesn't mean what Lime123 is getting at isn't true lol.

Neonridr401d ago

you did September, but this is Lime you are talking to. Head of rocks on that one there.

kevnb401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

ubisoft isnt really focused on pc, with a bit more work and less delayed releases I bet they could sell much better on pc.

thisismyaccount401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

PC gamers dont buy games ... or can not afford them at all. See Ubisoft´s last year report ... they accounted for roughly ~14% of the revenue vs the 80% of the consoles. Same with EA and even Activision and their PC Division .. made more dough with console copies than PC (digital sales incl.).

If you now compare the console base vs how many kiddies play on da pc masta rice, it should be vice versa ... but it aint (console sales >>> pc sales <<< EA, Ubisoft and Activ.)

septemberindecember401d ago (Edited 401d ago )


It’s hard to consider PC player base by sheer amount of people who own a PC because many of them simply don’t buy games. PC is also a home appliance which is why you regularly see more game sales on consoles. It’s a bigger investment to buy a console than to create a steam account.

Not only did the PS4 beat PC, but so did the Xbox and the Switch almost did as well.

This is why I made the distinction of home consoles, because their sales are much more predictable.

NotoriousWhiz401d ago

I would just like to add that the number of PC gamers with a PC that matches or beats the PS4 in specs is probably lower than the amount of PS4s.

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uptownsoul402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

1st of all: Congrats, you've just proven why console sales matter!!!

2nd of all: Of all the platforms shown, the PC actually has the most numbers of potential buyers of Ubisoft games

_-EDMIX-_402d ago

Well not necessarily it is not simply just because it is a big install base I want you to consider that PC has an even greater install base but you do not see all games selling better on PC in fact cell phones have even a greater install base but you don't see all games unanimously selling better on cell phones it simply has to do what that the install base has an intent to buy content.

Look at the Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii was able to sell 100 million units yet Call of Duty and in fact many third-party games were unable to sell better numbers than what they saw from 360 and Playstation 3


Somebody buying a system does not guarantee they're all going to buy games every year, PlayStation and Xbox are primarily designed and focused on a community of Gamers that very much buys content frequently.

Neonridr401d ago

jesus, where did you disappear to EDMIX? The Wii is a horrible example since the only reason why it sold so well was it captured a casual audience. One that had zero interest in playing Call of Duty. PS4 and XB1 owners aren't casuals at all. PS4 and XB1 are full of the same players. So if a game sold better on XB1 than PS4 it would be quite surprising actually.

kevnb401d ago

how many people wanted to play call of duty on wii though? The audiences are different on each platform.

_-EDMIX-_401d ago

@Neo- don't care. Wii is a great example because its show it had a different audience...that was the point being made. " One that had zero interest in playing Call of Duty" Soooooo you still not seeing the point or? "PS4 and XB1 owners aren't casuals at all" Thats wrong too. Games of all kind sell on PS4 and XONE...

If that was the case, Ratchet, Crash, Knack, Dragon Quest etc would not be selling millions on PS4.

On XONE, Minecraft should not be selling then..

But it is....

@Kev- Exactly, that is my point. Different audiences on different platforms. 100 million on Wii isn't the same as 100 million on another platform.

ImGumbyDammit403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Not to nitpick. But, if the narrative I always hear is PS4 has double the current Xbox One count. Then wouldn't domineering mean they should have at least the double the purchases of Ubisoft games during this and other sales. But looking at the data their percentage instead of doubling Xbox sales numbers the PS4 generally sale numbers are around 55% more, not the double (100% greater) it should be reflective of console population size. Domineering and the expectation should mean at the very least PS4 meets the same population ratio or more. In this case that means at minimum double doubling Xbox sales percentage. Which as it stands their attachment rate is well below the Xbox One numbers when looking at each consoles population. For Q2 2017, all things be equal and with Xbox One having 20% of sales for Ubisoft, PS4 should be around 40% not the 31% PS4 did. Which to me means PS4 sales numbers are actually underperforming relative to their console count or the Xbox One is over performing in these sales or a combination of both these two.

However, the number that surprises me is the PC. Ubisoft pretty much makes almost everything on the PC as well but, the PC is lagging way behind both PS4 and Xbox in it's sale numbers

crazyCoconuts403d ago

Looks like vast majority of Ubi's sales are in US and Europe. Maybe there are a lot of Asian gamers that aren't drawn to Ubi's games that might explain the difference. Lots of games on the ps4 don't appeal to the average western audience...

Destiny1080403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

ps4 gamers have a choice of games to play, xbox gamers on the other hand

Lime123403d ago

Quarter before this:

PS4 - 44%
Xbox One - 22%


ILostMyMind402d ago

You really have trouble understanding sales chart.

yeahright2402d ago

You bring up this exact same point every time ubisoft releases this info. people keep explaining to you why yet you keep pushing that same theory.

Here are some of the replies you got last time:
from me: Not that I'm an analysist, but I'm sure there's quite a bit more to it than that. for instance, Ubisoft makes games primarily for a western audience, IE NA and EU, and the console sales race is much tighter in those territories, closer to 50/50 than 67/33. Looking at their info, those two territories accounted for 86%ish of their sales, with the rest of the world accounting for 14%, take that into account and 46% looks even better and 26% becomes the underwhelming figure. Now take a company like square enix that makes a title like final fantasy 15 which is meant for both western and eastern audiences and compare how those ps4 vs x1 sales stack up and you'll see a huge difference in PS4's favor. Do the same thing with call of duty and while ps4's version might out sell X1, the X1 attach rate for that title will be higher. So yeah, there's a lot more to it than just "it wasn't 52% snarf snarf!"

from uptownsoul: Your math is accurate but your premise is wrong. Ubisoft & all other 3rd party publishers don't care about software sales per capita of each console's population. Publishers care about overall software sales on each console.

Furthermore, the math in your comment is only relevant if we assume all console owners like the same games. And we know that's not the case. So some games will have a closer margin & others will have a wider margin.

from thekhurg: More console sales don't mean the same ratio increase of software sales. The more people that buy a console just means there is a larger diversity of gamers on the platform.

Seems like you're more interested in downplaying playstation than actually getting an answer.

P_Bomb402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

That’s not how it works Gumby. You can’t just double the software when you double the hardware. Some ppl like myself buy more than one of the same console.

I bought three PS3’s for example. However I don’t need to have to or want to buy the same game three times. One copy of The Last of Us works on all three systems. By your math that game only has a 33% attach rate? That’s an insane way to measure success.

By this broken logic, anyone who bought a ps4 and later a Pro, just halved the attach rate of all their games! lol, it just doesn’t work that way.

Cobra951402d ago

That was my observation too. For every 3 sales to PS4 users, Xbox One gets nearly 2. That's a lot better than 2-1 (or worse, as some partisans would want us to believe).

Clearly, the PS4 has a commanding lead. But this is not the LA Lakers vs Sisters of the Poor. Microsoft is still very much in the game.

bluefox755402d ago

I think they're too busy playing the great exclusives to worry about Ubisoft games, still dominating nonetheless though.

Dragonscale402d ago

Not everyone likes ubisoft games, me included.

Trez1234401d ago

Not everyone plays the same game on the PlayStation. Has been like that for generations because its a worldwide console. Some in japan or asia literally think western games are trash just like some in the west think of Japan games are crap and PlayStation brings both eastern and western gamers together.

Final fantasy sold millions but only 20% i think on the xbox one, doesnt mean the gap between consoles is that big.

Neonridr401d ago

actually it would have to mean considerably more than that. I mean if double the install base meant double the sales than the percentage of sales relative to install base would be equal.

thisismyaccount401d ago

imgumbydammit said :

"Which as it stands their attachment rate is well below the Xbox One numbers when looking at each consoles population."

Bet there are more PS4 users that own an Xbox One, than Xbox One users owing a PS4. In other words, not only does the PlayStation Nation keep this Industry afloat .. but also we help our competitor out by buying their system and making those dem MAU number look good. Bet a reall BIG chunk of XB owners are coming from PS4 users that dgaf about PC ... if we removed them, Microsoft would have prolly only sold 10 to 15mill. XB (true loyalist-fanbois).

Microsoft fucked up so bad, i dont think money can or will fix it. Same with their first xb 2001 ... without Halo1+2 .. nobody would have purchased that damn thing (most sales came from H1+2 owners) ..

Berenwulf401d ago

Well the PS4 has more exclusives and Ubisoft makes good games but not the best ones. There's a lot of games that are better and people have more choice on the PS4...

S2Killinit401d ago

YEAh but they also have double the number of games than xbox. So sales are divided among a larger number of games.

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Relientk77403d ago

Nice PS4 versions dominating sales ftw

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