“We Made It.” Celebrating Ten Years of Mass Effect.

It has been ten years since Canadian developer BioWare released the first game in what is now a long-running franchise, Mass Effect. The team, fresh off their experience from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and spearheaded by project lead Casey Hudson, were hoping to make their own mark in the realm of science fiction and role-playing by crafting a unique world all to themselves. Now, ten years later, that title has become a symbolic piece of BioWare’s own history—both good and bad—from the fanbase of the franchise.

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mochachino400d ago

Make a KOTAR game and redeem yourselves Bioware from Andromeda.

morganfell399d ago

There is no redemption for that act.

SolidDuck399d ago

Im playing kotor for the first time on xbox 1. Since they released it on BC. What a great f ing game so far. Its clunky but the story and characters are so detailed. Its amazing.

mochachino399d ago

Probably the most memorable RPG story I've played. You'll see.

Perjoss399d ago

They can't, the studio that made Kotor is nothing like they used to be.

And they won't, EA are quite obviously shying away from single player experiences, because it's not easy to infect those games with a lootbox system.

Number-Nine399d ago

I wish they remastered ME1. It is the best game in the series by far despite its technical flaws both visually and gameplay wise. Some refinement and polish would do wonders for that game.

mercyblades399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

And hopefully they get Pinnacle Station in, if they do a PS4 version.
PS3 was absent of the DLC, and from what I've read from other users, it isn't a big loss. But I never got to experience it...!

Tross399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

I hope BioWare can make a new Mass Effect that's more in line with the original trilogy quality wise. I’m not sure what the prospects of that are but I choose to remain positive. A Switch port of the original trilogy would also be pretty lit, but I’m not betting on that.

TedCruzsTaint399d ago

Helps when you don't throw production to your C-list team of a bunch of intermediate level developers, who had never worked on a large scale title of their own.

TedCruzsTaint399d ago

"We made it"
Not without running the series into the ground.

NarooN399d ago

*Literally kills the series off*

"Hay gaiz we made it! Letz celebrate topkek lelelelele"

KeeseToast399d ago

Give us a remastered trilogy, like fans have been wanting since the beginning of this console generation!

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