It's N7 Day Again, But With Mass Effect Basically Dead, What Could Bioware Be Teasing?

From GameWatcher: "I'm no Mass Effect expert, but the idea of November 7 being N7 day just seems like a silly coincidence to me. A bit like May 4 for Star Wars. Either way, we've arrived at it once more, except this time it's the series' 10th-anniversary celebration."

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NoPeace_Walker376d ago

Mass Effect trilogy 4K enhanced for the XB1X.

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Gaming4Life1981375d ago

Mass effect trilogy 4k enhanced would make the universe explode......i need this to happen.

I hope they continue with andromeda story line cause I really liked that game.

Trekster_Gamer375d ago

That would be so incredibly awesome...

EmperorDalek375d ago

Damn you, got me all excited for a bit. Most definitely won't happen since EA hates easy money I guess.

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-Foxtrot376d ago

Probably the original trilogy in one package for the PS4/Xbox One

Maybe a nice collectors edition or something. I’d like them to add onto that scene in the third games ending where you see Shepard gasp for air

Just say he’s alive and confirm it

DarkOcelet376d ago

Considering how disappointing Andromeda was, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually did confirm that Shepard is really alive and we could have a Mass Effect 4 with the old gang.

Its sad seeing one of my favorite franchises of all time being butchered like that. Bioware/EA really F***ed up with Andromeda.

-Foxtrot376d ago

I'm not shifting the blame or anything because part of Andromeda's issue was how buggy it was and the overall Mass Effect "spark" wasn't there buuuut if they just did Mass Effect 4 and brought Shepard back then at least they wouldn't have to spend half the time thinking up a new character.

They should have put Shepard in stasis as his body was so badly damaged from the blast it was shutting down and because most of the hospitals in this Galaxy were destroyed by the Reapers they decide to put him on the Tempest which in this game was a new ship created to explore the Andromeda Galaxy before the Reaper attack but was delayed for obvious reasons. They decide to send it out now as they hope to find new life in the next Galaxy to help rebuild their own and by putting Shepard on board they hope to find a place with the technology to help him. The ship then comes under attack and Shepards pod is left floating in space until a 100 years later he's found and revived by the right technology, maybe Cerberus enhancements he was given helped him beat all odds being in stasis that long.

Anyway you'd have a new Galaxy to explore as you try to find your way back to your Galaxy...why can't he just ask them to take him there or do it himself...honestly God knows I've just quickly thought of this as I'm typing but the point I'm trying to get across is they could have done a new game with Shepard while moving away from the Reapers for a bit. Once they have Mass Effect 5 they could let you return to your Galaxy and see how everyone has rebuilt...maybe desperate people have banded together and want to launch an attack on the Andromeda Galaxy and you have to protect their Galaxy from your own...I don't I'm spit balling.

Andromeda was just awful in every way compared to last games. Characters, voice acting, development, side missions, the story, the big threat. I just don't understand how a so called "unexplored" Galaxy just happened to have some of the same races from our Galaxy...I mean seriously, what are the odds.

Wallow375d ago

Next time put :spoilers: before you write something, please.

Zeref375d ago

Whats the difference between shepard and ryder? I mean they're both whoever you want them to be so??

_-EDMIX-_374d ago

@Fox- " issue was how buggy it was and the overall Mass Effect "spark" wasn't there"

I'm bought it a few weeks ago and based on the patches, it plays might mean at "launch" it was like that, as for this "spark"... have not clue what your talking about. I like Andromemda just fine, but I of course am not measuring it by something immeasurable like "spark".

Be like "it missed that pazzaz" or "it missed that zork" or "missed that WOWZA" lol

It plays fine for me, I like the story, gameplay is solid and it actually has real rpg features which I like. After playing for about 10 hours or so, I realize JUST how much you folks really exaggerated this game. This game is fine and I personally like it better then the first 3 games in terms of gameplay and actually really like the story. I'll see how I feel after I beat it

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DarkOcelet376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

" Andromeda was just awful in every way compared to last games. Characters, voice acting, development, side missions, the story, the big threat. I just don't understand how a so-called "unexplored" Galaxy just happened to have some of the same races from our Galaxy...I mean seriously, what are the odds. "

Not just that, the gameplay also was very buggy and overall not enjoyable. Enemies would freeze in their place too many times in my playthrough, adepts/biotics have also been downgraded to the point where it wasn't fun anymore. Pulling combos weren't as effective and the scarcity of tight areas makes it very hard to have a good fight with them . So if you're like me and enjoy playing as a pure adept, then you are pretty much screwed especially when the big enemies start to show up. Animals and big monsters don't give exp either which makes it useless to fight them, especially on insanity when they take too much ammo but end up giving nothing. And the dynamic cover system is shit. Its not half as good as TLOU. Wish they stuck with the old cover system. And the AI is extremely stupid, 99% of the time they dont do shit or they just dissappear in thin air till the combat is over.

Its like they took everything that made the ME trilogy great and made it worse.

-Foxtrot376d ago

"adepts/biotics have also been downgraded to the point where it wasn't fun anymore. Pulling combos weren't as effective"

That brings up another good each game went on it became more and more dumbed down and accessible going after a bigger audience.

I could deal with ME2 despite their awful plot hole filled story point which was the reasoning between everyone switching to thermal clips (Don't you God Damn start Septic XD ) but as the games got on it just become a simplified, over the top third person action game with hardly any RPG elements. I never understood why thermal clips wern't rare and your gun would revert back to it's cool down state when you ran out.

I liked the strategy in the first game where once I chosen my class (I was a Vanguard) I had to carefully select my team mates, it wasn't about "Oh who looks the most badass" but "Which characters will replace the abilities I don't have because of my chosen selected class". I found out being a Vanguard and experimenting that Kaiden and Wrex helped me...Wrex was another vanguard which allowed me to use biotics while mine were recharging and Kaiden was a sentinel unlocking things I couldn't. I didn't care for Kaiden but I kept him first time round as he was a strategic choice.

You don't get that in ME2, ME3 or ME:A and by the third game you can select a class and are allowed any weapon or any squad did not matter, you could just rush in and blast your way to victory. Hell you didn't even need to rely on your squad mates biotics like I was saying above as everything was just easier and was made for you to act like a full on action hero, thermal clips lying everywhere so you'd never run out.

The series needs to get back what made it great but after ME:A I don't think they understand what we want...well I think they do going by their promises while hyping ME3 and ME:A up but obviously they refuse to do it.

Araragifeels 375d ago

Well in one of the Mass Effect 3 ending (not the extended ending dlc) he survived after blowing up the reaper and after the credit you see him coming out of the rubble. They could use that as the canon ending and I like your idea for Mass effect 4 .

Jon_Targaryen375d ago

He is alive.. Thats why they showed the clip.....

SolidGear3375d ago

I know how you like them steelbooks! :3

-Foxtrot375d ago

Of course...they are magical. You know if done right :3

Better then crappy plastic cases which can break easier.

The_Sage375d ago

Now that would be exciting.

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Antnee534376d ago

Mass effect trilogy for switch/ps4/xbox
If it would be releases for switch it would a day one purchase!!!

SolidDuck375d ago

I can already play all of them on xbox 1S. And have. But yes there great games. Putting them on switch would be great.

Antnee534375d ago

Well those are just the original games with no improvements. I was more talking about remaster with 4k for ps4/xbox

_-EDMIX-_374d ago

"I can already play all of them on xbox 1S"

We can already play them on PS3, 360 and PC......

Number-Nine375d ago

just remaster mass effect 1. that's all i want :(

Jon_Targaryen375d ago

Screw remaster. Remake from the ground up.

_-EDMIX-_374d ago


Mass Effect 1 had a great concept, but its execution was just a complete mess

FloydianAndroid375d ago

It’s gonna be a graphic novel that continues where amdromeda ended. I would love a remastered trilogy but it ain’t happening folks.

SolidDuck375d ago

I so wish andromeda was better than it is. I dont even care about facial animations. I just wish the story and structure were good. There not.

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