10 Video Game Remakes That Erase Their Iconic Originals

Unlike any other medium on the planet, the further back you go, the harder many "classic" video games are to pick up.

From once glorious, pioneering graphics to certain mechanics that only got perfected over time, yes, these games revolutionised the industry in a million different ways, but are they just as playable and enjoyable today?

In many cases, even the developers elected to revisit their finest work, upgrading graphics, reworking facets of gameplay and - in some cases - designing entirely different levels and ways to funnel the player from place to place, executing on that original vision in a way that technology just couldn't allow.

Although you should always experience the originals for posterity's sake, these remakes easily replace them in the pantheon of gaming overall.

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PhoenixUp401d ago

You can pick up classic games just as easily as any other entertainment medium. I don’t see why that wouldn’t be the case in any other industry

lptmg401d ago

I love MGS Twin Snakes and don't get the hate towards it

Vanfernal400d ago

The main issues with Twin Snakes are that the voice acting was not on par with the original (a lot of the dialogue felt unenthusiastic as if it was a hassle to record it again), the DMC style cinematics like Snake throwing a grenade like a baseball inside the cannon of the tank or jumping, bouncing off a rocket while doing a backflip and shooting a missile towards the Hind D, and the worst of all was that the game was not designed for the MGS2 gameplay. So for example, you go to the hangar, go fps and shoot a tranq dart at every guard without even having to move. After playing the original MGS1 when it came out and it being such a mind blowing masterpiece at the time Twin Snakes just felt kind of bland.

Retroman401d ago

So many other classic I would love to see such as : R-type, Gradius, decent Contra ,Einhander etc...

Vanfernal400d ago

I'm not sure you can call Star Fox and Ocarina of Time "remakes"... They are enhanced ports. A remake is making the same game from scratch. Adding better graphics and tweaking gameplay mechanics is not the same.

Cobra951400d ago

Yeah, if there's one game that deserves a modern remake, it's OoT. It looks too dated, though that doesn't keep me from loving it.

Cobra951400d ago

So you have to get an account on that site to see more than a few lines per page. Haha! Don't think so.

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