Sony's New Policy for Trophies is a Positive Step

The new Sony Rewards programme is great news for US-based PlayStation gamers. Let's look at what trophies will now mean for players and their wallets.

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FallenAngel1984342d ago

Funny how people kept suggesting that Trophies should be used to get some funds for PSN, only for Sony to finally comply

Septic342d ago

It's actually a really good idea. Player engagement is really important and this just feeds into that.

ziggurcat341d ago

A good move would be to not limit this to just the US...

Edito342d ago


Sorry if i'm wrong, but are you saying Sony must comply as soon as there is demand for it? That is not funny at all running a business this size forces you to think way ahead before complying with things that can give you problems in the future.. even when we check reviews for good games not everyone goes out after watching it and buy the game/product... sometimes we just have to give time.

FallenAngel1984341d ago

@ edito

I’m saying it’s just funny and coincidental that Sony did what people have been suggesting for years.

Don’t look too much into it dude.

-Foxtrot342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

See this is why I don't know why Nintendo never got their act together, made a proper online system for the Switch and merged the old Nintendo Stars program to their games. It seems like you could easily evolve this over time. Nintendo could have done it a step further by...

Redeem the game on the online store showing them you've bought the game brand new, supporting them

Gain Star Points which would merge with points gained off the Nintendo Achievement systems (Stars, Coins, Stamps)

Select the stuff you are aiming towards so you can always see it and save up

Buy the thing and get it shipped to your address

Would have been really unique to the console. I mean those Mario Kart 8 trophy replicas were amazing and could have been even something like "Complete all Stamps within a month to be put in a draw to win a Mario Kart Mushroom cup replica"

Jinger341d ago

Nintendo definitely needs to join the rest of the companies as far as online features and profiles and such. They are so far behind in that regard its pretty embarrassing.

Eidolon341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

It's free but, I literally have no urge to take 5 mins to sign up for it, the trophy values blow. I'd prefer coupons over credit, any day. Like 5% off coupon(With a short expiration) for 1 platinum or 30 silvers, would be batter than $1 points for 1 platinum, or 1 dollar for 100 silvers(which is absurd).. and they're not technically giving away money that way, they're actually promoting sales; I think it's psychological, people would add more to their cart to increase savings for the coupon.

Avalanche341d ago

bummed that it isnt retro active. if they are scared people will get free money, they should retroactive it up to $10.

Eidolon341d ago

That $10 is probably more than 90% of the users have worth in trophies. lol

Seraphim341d ago

here's the problem. The total value is only $13.50 worth of credits. You get 1000 points for 10 Platinum trophies, 250 for 25 Gold, and 100 points for 100 Silver trophies. From the looks of it this isn't repeatable. Even if it is you get $10 worth of credits for 10 Platinum trophies. $1 for 100 Silver trophies and $2.50 for those 25 Gold trophies. While I applaud the idea of offering points for trophies and activated the trophy passes, they aren't worth going out of ones way to obtain just for the extra points. For all these trophies you get a $10 PSN Card.

Frankly I don't understand all the fuss about this and the continuing posts regarding it. It's a cool feature but you need to obtain quite the trophies just for $13.50 worth of credits. The idea is good and they can't make it too easy but still. All this praise like it somehow changes trophies or gaming is BS.

Avalanche337d ago

you arent thinking long term. think of how many trophies you can end up earning in a two year span.

You are probably thinking about trophy hunting for $5, which will take a long time to achieve depending on the games

rainslacker341d ago

If you consider the PS4 has like 60 million users, you'd be looking at potentially up to 600 million dollars in free credits to give out. Even if only half of those people had enough to get that $10 credit, that's a lot of credits to give away. Granted, I also think a lot of people would use that towards the purchase of something more expensive...which is usually what happens for me when I for some reason get some credits.

Eidolon341d ago

It should just be part of PS+. More incentive for subscription, and not really much loss, given that the trophy values are quite atrocious for normal gamers.

rainslacker340d ago

Maybe. But in the end, does it really matter. There was never any expectation of getting anything from trophies like that in the past, and while it'd be cool of Sony to do it retroactively(I'm looking at the Horizon DLC soon), I wouldn't hold it against them not to do it. I'll probably get one of the credits come early next year sometime, so I'm good.

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