Final Fantasy XV Xbox One X vs. Xbox One Comparison Shows a Massive Difference in Details

Moving from Xbox One to Xbox One X will be a joy for the eyes of Final Fantasy XV players.

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showtimefolks400d ago

How is this surprising Xbox x has 4 times the power of Xbox one og if that doesn't equal to big improvements than that's something to write about

VerminSC400d ago

Who said it was surprising?

itsmebryan400d ago

Why are you copying and pasting the same comment on multiple threads?

Webbyy400d ago

You sound like one of those sad folks. Don't worry, Sony is still lead console sales. -- Still won't stop the x from being a beast.

showtimefolks400d ago

Oh I am so sad and I don't have any Sony shares right care but I do care they are publishing a lot of games I am looking forward too

You know what's actually sad is we can't have a mature conversation without one side labelling the other of something

Logically speaking a console with 6 TF should look much much better than the one with 1 and half TF

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Shineon400d ago

If it was all about teraflops than the pro version would look alot better as well.They really should of added more ram to the pro not just one gig to snap to netflix and hulu faster which the 4k tv its hooked up to most likely streams 4k without the need of an external box

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masterfox400d ago

xbonex need to come with a magnifying glass to truly appreciated its true powa!!!, no seriously not joking look all those comparison videos.

Docmortem400d ago

Mostly its the same improvements they already did for the ps4 pro. They are really only noticeable if you have a really big 4k hdr screen. Like 65"+ and you need to sit fairly close to the TV as well. Less than 3m ... better less than 2.

TankCrossing400d ago

You need a magnifying glass type demonstration to show the difference between 1080p and 4k for anyone attempting to view the content on a 1080p screen (ie loads of people). That's just common sense.

FlyGuyHung399d ago

Having bought one yesterday I can assure you, the difference is VERY noticeable. So much so that my non-gaming roommate walked in as I was playing Injustice 2 with 4k HDR and he stopped dead in his tracks and said "woah that looks really good, did you change the tv settings or something". Stopped what he was doing and sat to watch me play, something he never does. lol ...and he has no clue what an Xbox One X is.

masterfox399d ago

I'm pretty sure some Bestbuys will have some of them plug in so I can test it out, so I can do a more fair comment.

MeteorPanda400d ago

does it add detail to the storyline? cause thats where the game needed it

andrewsquall400d ago

Well if you consider the fact that the X is out a year later after the game and now there is more story related stuff for the game that fleshes it out better (although I think you have to pay extra for all of that), then yeah there is detail added to the storyline.

Funny, in the old Final Fantasy days we already would have had a debut trailer of the the NEXT numbered FF game out at this point with the game itself out in 6 months time or so. I got FFIX on PS1 back in the the day in Feb 2001 and 4 months later FFX was out in Japan lol.
And both these games were memorable masterpieces in their very own way like every single numbered FF game before that. What the hell happened to this once epic series?????

MeteorPanda399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

The graphics take more time so the workflow is about half story half graphics and coding.

Square have always pushed their games to the limit, only time they didnt was the 13 series

headshotfrosty400d ago

Wow. Major! make sure you view on 4k monitor to see differences.

Codedan400d ago

People still fail to realize this.

OneLove400d ago

I'm getting an almost 100% internet speed boost upgrading from OG Xbox to the BEAST.
OG xbox- 10-40 mbps 30-60 mbps on a good day.
Xbox one X- 100+ mbps highest 180 mbps.
Running on Verizon fios 150/150 mbps.