Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One X Comparison Shows Big Improvement In Resolution

Final Fantasy XV has finally received a brand new update today that adds support for the Xbox One X.

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freshslicepizza379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

I can notice a difference even on my 1080p monitor, not sure why other than the XB1X clearly has better draw distance but in 4K those differences will be even greater. But even close up like the yellow truck the grill is much more defined.

This is how comparaisons should be in the fact they are using the same TV settings and exact same scenes.

Webbyy379d ago

No denying X version definitely looks Sharper - a lot better shadows. best looking version. As expected.

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ImGumbyDammit378d ago (Edited 378d ago )


You mean NVidia 1080 GPU not PC. Have you noticed when talking about the consoles we clarify what is being talking about (Xbox X or Pro not a broad Xbox or PS4 because that would false) but, for some reason PC gamers us this broad term that includes every PC, most which can barely keep up with the base consoles. So I think maybe PC gamers should be honest with your actual statements as well. I would hate for you to be misconstrued as actually believing most gaming rigs will run graphically better than X or even Pro. So let's hear it, say it truthfully :

PC NVidia 1080 soon
(better knowns as less than 2% of actual gaming rigs)

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NoPeace_Walker378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

That is why I am getting Kingdom Heart 3 on the X.

andrewsquall378d ago

The lime green box should look horrid as usual next to all those awesome PS2, PS3 and PS4 copies of the previous games in the series and I bet you want it no other way. :)

I kid I kid, you clearly have never played the others. So while Xbox fans are delighted again to be getting a beloved franchise of other consoles for the first time, I'm sitting here praying to the Japanese dev gods that its not the utter downfall of another of my beloved game franchises like what happened when Resident Evil or Final Fantasy first came to Xbox and have been sucking hard since.

Jinger378d ago (Edited 378d ago )


Digital has no box :)

But yeah I bought MGSV on Xbox and FFXV on Xbox and will be buying KH3 on Xbox (if it ends up coming), but they are all digital so they don't mess up the look of the previous sets haha

NoPeace_Walker377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

"The lime green box should look horrid as usual next to all those awesome PS2, PS3 and PS4 copies of the previous games"

Easy solution, just swap out the sleeve from the green case and replace it in a case that say PS on it. You get the benefit of having it fitting in with in your nice collection with the added bonus of the "4K Ultra HD" logo on the box art itself. ☺

TankCrossing378d ago

Higher resolution textures, already confirmed and attributed to the increased memory capacity.

phoenixwing378d ago

@moldy I noticed no difference on my monitor they're basically the same at 1080p. Maybe at higher resolutions it's different but not at 1080p

4Sh0w378d ago

Nah, I can see a *small difference on my cell phone at 1080p nothing massive though. A nice big 4K screen should show a big difference.

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DrumBeat378d ago

The floral pattern on his shirt is enough to tell me the Pro is inferior here.

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moegooner88378d ago

Why do the comparison videos keep zooming in on objects ? When someone is playing the game, will they get a magnifying lens and do so ? Stick to the default magnification.

TankCrossing378d ago

A lot of people view these videos in 1080p, and zooming is necessary to properly illustrate the differences in detail for those people.

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TankCrossing378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

OR it is so much of a difference that you need to increase the zoom by 400% just to be able to display how much extra detail there is for people with displays that can't handle it in full screen.

400% isn't an exaggeration, if you were wondering. You literally need to zoom in 400% if you want to map the pixels properly on a 1080p screen.

OmnislashVer36378d ago

Because sometimes you can see the difference at default, but want to see how pronounced or conversely subtle the effect is by zooming in.

I can tell that One X is slightly better, but I have no intentions on buying one for this game.

Kaiou378d ago

Becuase Youtube video compression is horrible so by zooming in you dedicate the entire video "budget" to just that part so it's much easier to see the difference, in person, you will see it much better because the image is not compressed.

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Father__Merrin378d ago

Nobody plays zoomed in games. No doubt the x1 will be crisper but difference isn't huge or game breaking. There's absolutely no reason to rush out and buy a new console just to get zoomed in added effects

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TheKingKratos378d ago

Looks very close to each other.

timotim378d ago

...but the X version clearly looks better.

XtreemGamer378d ago

The X looks better when you are standing one inch from your tv.

timotim378d ago


If tats what you have to tell yourself, but like the title says...the difference is big and the X version has now taken over as the best version on consoles.

slavish0378d ago ShowReplies(3)
Harkins1721378d ago

I would hope so. Only took Xbox 4 years to catch up. PS5 will be beast

aconnellan378d ago

"Only took Xbox 4 years to catch up. PS5 will be beast"

So it's bad that it took 4 years for MS to catch up, but it's ok that it's now going to take Sony 3 years to catch up?

Harkins1721377d ago

Aconnellan. Sony’s ahead of the game. Look at all the titles they get. Xbox was weak from the start and it caused them to lose tons of games. PS5 is a next gen console. Technically XbX is a current gen system. So your point?

Jinger378d ago

I actually stopped playing this around Chapter 9 because they were fixing a ton of the story and such so I guess this will be a good time to hop back in. Should see a big difference on this compared to my launch Xbox One.

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