Capcom: "Greater Penetration" of PS4 and "Strong" Nintendo Switch Revitalized Home Console Market

Capcom saw a recovery of the home console market thanks to the solid performance of PS4 and Nintendo Switch during the first half of the fiscal year.

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Woolly_36d ago

Interesting choice of words lol.

chrisx36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Sorry he didn't mention the xbone lol,its been a sad year for the console. Kudos to Sony and Ninty.

NewMonday36d ago

Publishers are clearly focused on PS4 and Switch because that is where serious gamers are.

not expecting that to change.

Geeeebeeee35d ago

well Xbo is selling like cold pizza in Japan, with little Japanese developer support. nor really relevant for the Japanese market, so not surprising.
in the US that is a totally different case though

trumpwonstopcrying35d ago

Sony and Nintendo are the true industry innovators. They put forth the effort to create unique software. Xbox is nothing more than a copy box. They copy the competition and spend extra money to try and 1up them.

Freedomland35d ago

ps4 PENETRATION is really great, xbox must have felt it.

davand11434d ago

@NewMonday I think Square Enix has actually come out and said that they are primarily focused on PS4 and Switch production for the future.

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Apocalypse Shadow36d ago

I'm going to have to agree with you on this one. I saw the title and just bust out laughing.

Now I can't comment on the article because it would ruin the comedy.

Woolly_36d ago

hey! you spotted it too ahah!

Dark_Knightmare235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Why exactly is that ?

PhoenixUp36d ago

“Of course, this statement is influenced by the situation in Japan, which remains one of Capcom’s biggest markets, but it’s certainly nice to hear a local publisher mention that consoles are recovering over mobile games.“

While both PS4 & NS are doing great in Japan, two points have to be made.

- The PS4 isn’t selling that much better in Japan than PS3. It looks to have about the same level of success in the same timeframe.

- Reports have shown Japanese gamers use the Switch more as a portable than a home console.

Abriael36d ago

The statement is influenced by Japan, it's not only about Japan.

36d ago
ZaWarudo36d ago

Guess you can say Sony is penetrating the competition!

I'm sorry.

chrisx36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

1 could say Ps4 and switch are taking turns penetrating the xbone lol

Relientk7736d ago

Sony and Nintendo have been killing it this year

eagle2135d ago

They deserve their legendary success. All they truly care about is delivering the very best video games constantly. Why they dominate should be no surprise.

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