Monster Hunter World Raises Capcom's Expectations; Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Ships 900,000 Copies

Capcom reports strong financial results, and the initial shipments of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, which moved 900,000 copies in its first month.

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PhoenixUp324d ago

Would’ve sold better if there hadn’t been decisions made to screw with longtime fans of this 20+ year series

XiNatsuDragnel323d ago

Sold better if you didn't mess with the fandom.

bouzebbal322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Now let's talk Deep Down, shall we Capcom???

thatguyhayat322d ago

That game and agent need to see day light

zombiewombie322d ago

And then they'll shoot themselves on the foot when they raise sales expectations up to 20 million sold.

MeteorPanda322d ago

l hate capcom so much for locking the franchise to nintendo then never updating the engine for 10 years. my god. it's a game that is the flagship of a genre and you don't push it.