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Carlos from TXH writes: "Back in the days of the original Xbox and the PlayStation 2, singing games were something of regular occurrence in my house. With four sisters I had little in the way of choice when it came to the evening game of choice - especially given that I wasn’t the oldest. Back then though, I thought nothing of picking up the naff microphone with the dodgy wire before belting out some of the finest hits of the ‘90s and ‘00s across games such as Pop Idol or the various Singstar titles that were sat atop our stacked pile of game cases."

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Bismarn376d ago

Who would go through the trouble of reviewing a game like this? Who would take time out of their day to post it to N4G?
More importantly who would read it? I'd rather read a story disclosing the download size of the new Call of Duty game, or an opinion piece by an indie developer about whether the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro is better, or a listing of sales on the Australian PSN store even though I'm in the US, or a story about how Forza 7 is racist. I'd rather sit here and make fun of the story rather than read it, even though I know it's such an uninteresting story that no one will ever even read this comment.