Halo 5 Xbox One/Xbox One X Comparison Showcases Major Visual Upgrade

This Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One/Xbox One X comparison showcases in a crystal clear way the major visual upgrade delivered by the new console.

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Imp0ssibl3133d ago

Haven't played it yet. Looks great!

freshslicepizza133d ago

Looks great visually but there is still some pop-in.

Skull521133d ago

Damn the campaign already looked great, was hoping to see multiplayer, I remember in Warzone the graphics were so bad it made my eyes bleed flying into the map, the foliage was sooooo bad.

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Nu133d ago

Sorry but all I noticed was better lighting. To me Xbox One X is hyperbole and just a faux news ploy.

Sciurus_vulgaris133d ago

Halo 5 running on Xbox One X, even when unpatched for it, was shown to have increased draw distance, decreased pop in, decreased or absent resolution scaling and increased texture filtering.

ThePope132d ago

Thats funny I've read quite a bit from people who are known to state what they believe no matter what (ex: Arthur Gies) and they say the difference is stunning. But what do the people who actually have the X1X know over you. Nothing you know so much more.

Artemidorus132d ago

Best go back to the inferior console or the other one that pretends to be a console.

Tsar4ever01132d ago

Nice. It's like taking a 900p game and than changing it to 1440p

Obscure_Observer132d ago

Xbox One X has redefined the meaning of enhanced to ENHANCED!

russo121132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Unfortunately as the video shows you need a zooming fest to spot differences, as already remarked is not noticeable.

Obscure_Observer132d ago


Whatever you said, dude. ;)

ThePope132d ago


Its funny the difference between 900p and 1080p used to hurt PS fans eyes and give them headaches. Now the difference between 900p and 4K is not noticeable. HAHA

MagicBeanz132d ago

Actually its been redefined to pause and zoom way in.

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KaiPow133d ago

That draw distance is gorgeous.

odderz133d ago

It’s about time it was on a console that could play it properly

babadivad133d ago

Exactly. This game was over designed for the console it launched on. It looked great about 3 feet from the player. Then the quality drops off dramatically. It was so distracting, I never finished.

I look forward to finally completing this game on a console that can run it properly. And from the Halo Wars 2 storyline has shown, I am VERY excited for what's in store for the next main line Halo game.

babadivad133d ago (Edited 133d ago )


What about my comment has suggested to you that I'm a "Fanboy". I just stated facts. Halo 5's dynamic scaler DOES drop off dramatically the further out the scene is from the player. It's pretty aggressive. Once you see it, you can't un-see it.

If anyone is a "fanboy" here, it's you.

Sunny_D132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

He’s right. Digital Foundry also made note of this.

babadivad132d ago


I'm not surprised at the disagrees. N4G is one of the places where people disagree with you for stating facts.

DrumBeat132d ago

I felt the same way about Gears 4. It looked so smeared. I can't wait to play it as it was intended, because it looks like a great entry.

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Cybermario133d ago

now, if only the game was as good as the visual upgrades

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Vegamyster133d ago

For a 60 fps title it looks great lol.

spicelicka132d ago

Which it is. Gameplay is butter smooth and MP is one of the best in the market.

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no_more_heroes133d ago

Wonder if they're gonna bother changing the 30FPS animations of distant enemies? Looks great every other way though.

Alexious133d ago

That would be cool, but I doubt it.

Skull521133d ago

Yeah I hope they do but we will see. Also a bummer HDR couldn’t be implemented. Halo 6 is gonna be incredible looking, Halo is perfect for HDR and now the power of the X is gonna maybe take the graphics crown once again!

Septic133d ago

Yeah they need to sort that, particularly in Warzone