10 Reasons Why Microsoft's New Xbox One X Console Is Literally a Game Changer

Internally called Project Scorpio, Microsoft officially took the wraps off of its latest console this summer at E3 when it unveiled the Xbox One X to the world. Now that it’s finally arriving, the suped-up Xbox One X is proving what it can do with all that extra power.

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NewMonday344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

10 reasons and none of them is "games', as expected.

and 9 of those points just an elaboration on the 1st

Septic344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

It's a mid gen console playing the same games as the core console. It shouldn't be shocking that most of the reasons are predominantly about the performance of the console. Power is what these mid gen consoles are all about, including the Pro. Did you expect it to play games that the core Xbox can't?

The 1X we always intended to be the place where you play the best version of games. Even at this early stage it's stamped it's foot on the rest in that aspect. That's what it needed to do. It's done that and then some.

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Skull521344d ago

I’ll be playing in 48 hours, can’t wait! The tides have completely turned in the graphics comparison war! Won’t be another Sony win until possibly another generation, and maybe even never again!

jmetalhead77812344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Meanwhile, in 2 days us Xbox gamers will be playing our many, many awesome games on an awesome console. They’ll still be on here being negative haters... alone... We’ll be having an absolutely great time. Have fun guys

Rhythmattic343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

"Did you expect it to play games that the core Xbox can't?"
No, like many, he expects the One and X to play games the PC can't. Exclusives.

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maybelovehate344d ago

Actually 7 of them are about games, for the reading impaired.

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joab777343d ago

So odd. Right now if I owned a PS4 only, the Switch would be my next choice. I guess it’s a game changer, though I predict when Sony drops the Pro to $350 and launches slew of exclusives, 2018 will be their year again!

sk8ofmnd343d ago

Exactly. And the pro will beat the living shit out of the much more expensive xb1x... let alone the shit kicking the massively cheaper and graphics inferior ps4 slim is going to hand to the xb1x based on 1 reason and 1 reason only... Sony ps4 exclusives..
There just hasn't been shit on the xb1 outside a handful of games that can be counted on 1 hand in the last 4 years (and that's being generous). A 249$ ps4 and a 349$ pro by the end of the year plus all the heavy hitters coming next year will be hard to even try to compete with. Let's be real here

NoPeace_Walker343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

LOL. No games, you guys only have one line of defense to try to hold back the Beast. A rather lame one at that.

This Sept to Christmas, these are the games I had gotten or will be getting for all 3 of my consoles --
Forza 7
Shadows of War
Assassin's Creed Origins
Mario Odyssey
Xenoblade X2

And guess what, all these titles will be played on either my Switch or XB1X. I could of gotten Knack II for my third console, but I think I'll pass. Keep the comedy going, guys.

Rhythmattic343d ago

You do realise, the term "No Games" is gamer talk for no exclusives... This "definition" has been stated by both camps about both consoles when there was a drought of exclusive titles.

cooperdnizzle343d ago

@ skull. Just you wait and see, I already have it, it’s not the huge step up you guys make it out to be. Before anybody says anything I have the pics to prove it. It’s a nice console but not the game change it’s made out to be. What I like most about it is, the thing is quite as can be and stays really cool

Elda343d ago

I believe you something I've always said that the X will be no game changer what so ever.

TheKingKratos343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

I hear you
but My Ps4 Pro never make a sound at all
I just finished Horizon and playing Assassin creed origins now and sound at all

Unspoken343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Uh oh, he's all out of salt. Restock on Nov 7

You guys are getting steamrolled by this new console! It's so sad and painful to watch but I just can't take my eyes away.

DrumBeat343d ago

Yet, I see no point to the Pro at all. 1440p gaming. Faaaaaantastic. Your point is pretty much moot when all I have to do is respond with "The Pro is getting no special games of its own" and is focusing on "Dynamic 4K gaming." I'm willing to bet Microsoft has some exclusives in the pipeline, and now with the power, stand a decent chance against Sony and their first party studios. We'll see.

j15reed343d ago

Well you could say the potential game of year let's just call it the GOTY since it's Rockstar will run and play better on the X. Now just a short list on what should play better on the X:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Monster Hunter
Code Vein
Far Cry 5
A Way Out
Metro Exodus

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XiNatsuDragnel344d ago

Restating 1st and not address the first party/ games/ value issue.

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T2X343d ago

Looks nice! Enjoy, those who are getting one!

Trueflames343d ago

Yes 4k hdr and 4k and 4k and more 4k!!! The beast has left the cage

andrewsquall343d ago

And yet not once did you say the word native.

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