The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Looks Much Nicer on Xbox One X – Video

Remember the first time you emerged from a dark, rat-infested subterranean prison in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, to see the sprawling and verdant land of Cyrodiil unfurled before your very eyes? Play the game now, and the effect isn't quite as breathtaking.

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Bigpappy376d ago

Oh my god! I have to replay this game.

freshslicepizza376d ago

Yup, the wizards at Microsoft have shown how to properly do a hardware upgrade.

Obscure_Observer375d ago


Incledible! This Xbox One X feature alone destroys 95% of those PS4 remasters (not remakes) that we have to pay even if we already own the game.

Great job Xbox Team!

Jinger375d ago


Totally get the eye rolling haha

But you gotta admit that the fact that it updates emulated games this much is pretty impressive.

mkis007375d ago

Uh so you would prefer the original crash emulated to a full remaster like the nsane collection? That's where we diverge. I will pay for a product made new for a new generation.

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Cobra951374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

@Jinger: Not so much emulated as cross-compiled. (I'm sure some aspects have to be low-level emulated, but clearly nothing cumbersome, or the games would run like crap.) Turns out that the Xbox One (X included) has handling for some important X360 methods burnt into the silicon, like texture formats. There was a story on that around here recently. So it's possible to improve on most technical aspects of 360 games on the One, though it does take some work. After a few years of experience with the BC project, these guys have gotten really good at it.

Edit: Found the story:

ProjectVulcan374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

Welcome to tiny taste of the advantages PC gamers have lived since the dawn of time and have with every game, instead of a handful of patched ones. Apparently this doesn't run 60FPS on Xbox One X, despite it being 10 years old and still effectively only running X360 settings, which were well below the highest on PC anyway!

I actually expected a bit more. You could easily easily do better than this on an average PC 5 years ago. Still, it's a nice enough small bonus I suppose.

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NoPeace_Walker375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

I just watched the youtube video at 4K on my TV. WOW, truly amazing work. It looks like a 4K remastered title. The difference is outstanding. The X is a Beast!

Bigpappy375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

That is seriously impressive. That's just the emulator. No textures or patches added.

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DARK_WOLF375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Do you not know a good game when you see it?!?

Bow down to the glory of Oblivion you scum!

*just another game of many thats not on ps4...

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babadivad375d ago

I've beaten this game so many times I don't think I'm ready for another run through. Great improvements though.

NoPeace_Walker375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

It is the overall concept of X360 BC titles performing and looking better on the X, especially on 4K TV, is the exciting news. With almost 400 BC titles and more coming weekly, there are games for everyone and after seeing Oblivion's boost, it is very promising for other BC titles on the X. I am looking forward to seeing and playing Red Dead Redemption, GTA4, Forza Horizon 1 and Gears of War 2/3 on the X.

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brady8807374d ago

Love Oblivion. Was my first game on 360. It looks better on One X but not by a whole lot. Doesn't look like a remaster as the commentator stated.

Bigpappy374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

He is playing it on a 4k TV. I can see huge improvements just in the 1080p video above, but I have the game so it will cost me nothing to finish playing it on the X and my 4K TV. Will let you know what I experience and it it was mind blowing.
As far as looking like a remaster. I think the comment is validated by the vastly improved textures and appearance of more foliage with better framerate. That's usually what you get from a remaster.

Note, he didn't say REMAKE.

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sk8ofmnd375d ago

Yayy a 7 year old game I've already beaten twice... let me go run out and buy an x asap! Lmao

Jinger375d ago

Well... people like my wife who never played oblivion are excited by this.

sk8ofmnd375d ago

Yeah but all do respect to your wife... she's in the minority here... 99.99999% of ppl that wanted to play this game played it...

Jinger375d ago


Absolutely agree. It's not a selling point, but definitely a nice perk

BeRealisticNow375d ago

I’ve put in hundreds of hours, and I’m ready to start again. It’s a masterpiece

conanlifts375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

But have you ever purchased a remake like crash bandicoot, Halo MCC or the Last guardian. Just look at the Shadow of Colossus articles where people are genuinely happy for the re-release. This feature is free and means you get to play games you own without the need to rebuy them. While not everyone rebuys old games it is a great feature for those that do purchase remakes. For me I like it a lot. I played almost exclusively on PS3 last gen and missed a lot of 360 games. Now with backwards compatibility combined with Xbox X I not only get to continue playing previous games I missed but I get to play them in a free enhanced form. It is a great additional feature that costs nothing for consumers and offers additional choice.

Jinger375d ago

While I agree with your overall point... some games deserve that full remaster treatment and SotC looks just amazing

conanlifts375d ago

@Jinger I do agree and I in no way think that SotC is not a deserving a full remaster. I purchased a PS4 just to play TLOU remaster because the game is simply one of the best ever made. So I certainly see the need for them, which is why I think this feature is great.

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Bigpappy375d ago

Actually Oblivion is the only Elder Scrolls I didn't finish since Morrowind

Nivekki374d ago

It's 11 years old. Maybe it was 7 years ago when you first played it, or started playing games, but it's still great to play now.

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tontontam0375d ago

Wtf so many hypocrites.

When I said I wanted to replay assassins creed origins on ps5, I was bombarded with hate comments. Telling me goodluck playing an old game.

Jinger375d ago

That's if the ps5 is backwards compatable

NoPeace_Walker375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

PS5 isn't a thing yet. Knowing Sony history with BC in this generation, they'll probably charge you for playing AC Origins again even if you already have the game or no BC with PS5 altogether. Maybe that is why people are telling you "goodluck playing old games"

TedCruzsTaint375d ago

You'll be able to re-purchase Origins on the PS5 in a few years for $40.

375d ago
tucky374d ago


Stop with your trash please ... you are the only one laughing at your stupid joke. Play your dear ps4 and stop anoying gamers

Sm00thNinja375d ago

It definitely looks better but... I'm not buying an Xbox one x to play Xbox 360 games. Definitely brute forcing the s*** outta better looking graphics for these old games though

Jinger375d ago

Not a selling point, but definitely a nice perk.

Krysis375d ago

You gotta admit, nice bonus to those who are gonna buy a one x and own Oblivion.

Sm00thNinja374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

True especially if it does this to EVERY game. Thats impressive. Maybe even unprecedented for a console

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