Don’t be Afraid of The Last Of Us Part II’s Violence

The first Last Of Us told a story of a man and a young girl traveling through this desolate, post-apocalyptic America, contextualizing its unending scenes of shattered skulls and leering torture with a more tender story of companionship at any cost. Without that context, the argument goes, the trailer for The Last of Us Part II just fetishizes violence needlessly, appending a scene of stomach-churning brutality to the end of a press conference that also contained family-friendly Spider-Man and Star Wars and tennis titles.

This criticism is wrong-footed for a whole host of reasons, not least of which is the fact that it is a single scene from a video game that isn’t out yet, and so surmising what is or isn’t “representative” is literally impossible. Its first trailer showed the first game’s protagonists idly playing guitar in a verdant, overgrown ruin, illustrating that the series’ capacity for tenderness remained intact; the latest trailer depicted a hellish display of cruelty between cult-like survivors, showing that the series’ capacity for bleak encounters at the end of the world also remained intact. If you were a fan of the first game’s startling and literary vision of life in an environmentally ravaged future, well, that’s two boxes checked.

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RAM0N 409d ago

I'm hyped not afraid. Hope they show more at psx.

-Foxtrot409d ago

...we’re not

Just sites like to use it as a talking point, make a big deal out of nothing so they can try and make it into a deep, political thing. It’s like “’s the gaming industry, you’re a gaming journalist, you’re not writing for the New York Times”. I mean we know most journalists wanted to with their degrees and got stuck with gaming but let’s not cause shit which could start something

First game was violent, God of War was violent, GTA, Mortal Kombat, all away back to Doom.

OB1Biker408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

'Its first trailer showed the first game’s protagonists idly playing guitar in a verdant, overgrown ruin'
wait, are you saying the first trailer could fit in a Christmas movie,? haha lets pretend there was no violence n it.
TLOU is a game about violence. Some journalists pretend showing a violent trailer in a game presentation is shocking, As if they never saw one before. Just stop with the clickbait violence BS article. Its no news, no piece worthy. Its adult rated video games.

Hardiman408d ago

I was not turned off by the trailer at all. In fact I want to know what led up to the secene in question. Who are the crazy cultist? Who are the people and what the hell is going on?!?! Those are the thoughts I had watching it. I also wanted the creepy zealots to get theirs and boy did they. I can just imagine how it will all turn out but I think the game Naughty Dog delivers will be even better than what I can imagine!

OB1Biker408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

I agree there r lots of questions Id like gaming media to focus on.
What did you think of the trailer?
I think an important question is does it fit into about only 5 years after the outbreak the main hypothesis goes for?
Its been established that this is Seattle. Theres a burning car (they use as a fire camp?) Where is the road?
Why do they cut their bellies, the men too, before hanging them?
All the men are bald?
So many questions

MagicBeanz408d ago

I'm not, lets go DAY ONE!

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