The Last Of Us Part 2 – Where Have Joel and Ellie Gone?

Now the latest TLOU Part 2 trailer dropped at Paris Games Week, we're left with one burning question.

Who the hell are these people?!

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chrisx409d ago

Its been confirmed Joel and Ellie are the lead characters, I love the fact that we are introduced to new characters. This world is rich with potentials, and that jacked up lady looks dope af lol.

407d ago
-Foxtrot407d ago

Probably just a flashback to Ellies mother...since it's called Part II they might be influenced by the Godfather where in the sequel it switched between Michael and then his dad Vito during his early days, leading up to when Michael was born. We'll probably see how she met Marlene aswell.

Goldby407d ago

i dunno about that, all the pictures of Ellie's mom has her with brunette hair, yet the trailer showed the jacked up lady with blonde.

i've heard theories it may be Sarah, i highly doubt that unless those scenes are from the far future as she would be approx the same age as ellie. and have to explained how she either didnt die in the first one, or was brought back to life, making her a sin of sorts

-Foxtrot407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

I doubt they would ruin Sarah's death and cheapen it for some plot twist. The first game was about Joel getting over Sarah and accepting her death, he didn't want anyone else until he met Ellie where he had a chance to be a father of sorts again. This game will focus more on Ellie's past which would be her mother, I mean she's immune so her mother might have been. She died...but she was a part of the Fireflies, she could have died in other ways then infection.

Only main Joel plot point which will come up will be the Lie he told Ellie coming back to bite him on the ass, probably as a way of causing conflict between the two and maybe Ellie going off on her own.

I suppose her hair color could just be the lighting, it's pretty dark and the fire effects could be making it look a little lighter, besides only time we've seen her hair colour was in the comic, never seen anything in game before. As for her being jacked up...I mean surviving all those years, you'd have to get fit, it is survival of the fittest in this game.

Goldby407d ago

im not dismissing the physique of the unnamed lady, but just from what i saw there were discrepancies with the comic we all saw.

i personally dont believe its Sarah either as you said, i would cheapen the death and major character development of Joel from the first game, but you know theory hunters, they use any bit of info to justify their case

The7Reaper407d ago

It was probably Ellies mom in the trailer.