This UE4 Star Wars fan tech demo perhaps features the best real-time character you've seen

Created by Baolong Zhang, this video shows Jyn Erso from Rogue One in Unreal Engine 4. And it looks absolutely gorgeous.

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Usperg132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

*tips hat*

Impressive.....Most impressive !!

132d ago
Nu125d ago

"tiips helmet"
lol her right nostril is bigger

Nodoze132d ago

Very nice, but why does she have grey hair? Also why is her right nostril so much larger?

Nit picky I know, but still very very impressive. Skin textures, and fabric textures are amazing.

Sgt_Slaughter132d ago

If someone is going make something like this, it's okay to be nit picky. That way it can be as accurate as possible.

No Way132d ago

Having one nostril bigger than the other doesn't mean it's a mistake - or being nit picky - she could just be that way, lol.

ravinash132d ago

Most peoples face's aren't perfectly symmetrical.
Plus it also be how the shadow is capturing the edge.

NiteX132d ago

If a wood chuck could chuck wood.

Fishy Fingers132d ago

Not nearly wooden and emotionless enough to really capture her but visually fantastic.

MagicBeanz132d ago

Early look at PS5 graphics. *wink

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