Xbox One X Won’t Be Pushed To Its Limits Any Time Soon Like Gears of War Did With Xbox 360: Dev

There was a time when consoles used custom hardware, which games would eventually be optimized for, and push visuals far beyond people might have expected.

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woodtock43d ago

The Xbox X fanboys are coming......

cigi43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

and what

woodtock43d ago

they come for Nintendo Switch exclusive games!

feju42d ago

X1X is so BEaSTy so that ps4.2 fanboys are trembling and maddening on X1X articles. Weren't they playing exclusives to get busy with?? Lol

EddieNX 43d ago

The x will never be pushed to its limits as it's held back by the original xbox one.

Bigpappy43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

And PS4 pro

Apocalypse Shadow42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Nope big pappy. By Xbox one. They can make the game look better. But in order to have game compatibility across all games, Xbox one s and Xbox one x have to play **exactly** the same online.

Xbox one x has more power than the base but developers can't change the animation, physics, objects onscreen, etc unless it's a single player experience. But most developers aren't going to waste their time and money doing that. All you will get is a bump in graphics detail and resolution.

PS4 has nothing to do with it. It's more like PS4 Pro has to play the same as the base PS4 online.

Unreal0142d ago


"And PS4 pro"

Yep, Xbox One is certainly held back by Sony's wide variety of exclusives so I guess you have a point for once.

Gunstar7542d ago

Not when it comes to specific enhancements

Geoff90042d ago

They scale games down, you know like on PC?

DarXyde42d ago


Pretty sure that worked the other way around with multiplatform titles (and still does until this thing releases).

Ultimately, the original Xbox One will hold it back. Development is very similar between the two and they share 100% of their library. PlayStation has its own games, so don't worry about them.

So if you have ANY complaints about what's holding the most powerful console back, you should probably blame the weakest.

andrewsquall42d ago

@Bigpappy HAHA, how can PS4 Pro hold back Crackdown 3 on XboneX when it is solely the Xbone doing that? And apply the exact same thing to just about every Xbone/Win 10 exclusive, with PS4 Pro being NOTHING to do with it.

zerocarnage41d ago

You obviously have no clue if you think that..

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trumpwonstopcrying43d ago

Push it to the limit
Walk along the razor's edge
But don't look down, just keep your head
Or you'll be finished

Open up the limit
Past the point of no return
You've reached the top but still you gotta learn
How to keep it

Hit the wheel and double the stakes
Throttle wide open like a bat out of hell
You crash the gates (Crash the gates)
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So close now you're nearly at the brink
So, push it, ooh yeah

Ron_Danger42d ago

You totally missed the "Liiiiimit!!!" Echo you jabronie. Now Mac will never make that hockey shot and he and Charlie will never get to party at the beach house!

headblackman42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

@ woodtock

you said that as if this wasn't an xbox article that wasn't talking about xbox for the xbox fans. so what are you doing here playslave? im sure there's plenty of playslave news for you to go and overdose to. go see about that and avoid anything with xbox in it so you don't have to deal with xbox fans. you'd save yourself a lot of time and headache.

Dlaw7642d ago

Those guys won't listen don't they make you want to slap em sometimes

bluefox75542d ago (Edited 42d ago )

They really are out in full force lately, lol. They are fun to mess with though.

Gunstar7542d ago

This fanboy has a switch as well.

XStation4pio_Pro42d ago

Yup. Here we go. If it’s not being pushed now, imagine how badass it will be when it is. Cuz it’s already fantastic. Everybody celebrate (except salty PS4 fanboys)

LastCenturyRob42d ago

and what exactly are you woodtock?

zerocarnage41d ago

Watch out pure fanboy above, what a prune...

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PhoenixUp43d ago

Why would it be? Developers were primarily making 360 games with that hardware in mind, so it was easy to push it to the limit.

Every XO game has to run on the base model. No dev is going to specifically make a game for the iterative XO X like they did with 360.

cigi43d ago

You clearly dont understand how this works. The org. xbox will not hold back the xbox one. We are now in 2017 and we have nice scaling engines with dynamic resolution and framerate. Not problem any more.

But i guess you knew that already.

leeeroythe3rd42d ago

The pc concept is lost on kids that pay zero attention to games with multiple resource sets. Then again playing 720p vr seems cool for some too despite the vomiting

PhoenixUp43d ago

“The org. xbox will not hold back the xbox one”

Of course a 2001 console won’t hold back a 2013 console.

Games can be made on scalable hardware. But a game that scales won’t look as ambitious as a game that is built primarily for the high end hardware. Compare the games that were released on both 7th and 8th gen consoles to the games that only released on 8th gen consoles.

zerocarnage41d ago

A game can be built for the X and original Xbox one and still take advantage of all its power, these devs ain't stupid they will know how to do it. Plus one way would be to increase map sizes, player limits, open buildings up that would normally be closed in previous machines. I mean I'm no coder or dev but they will have or find there ways to utilize all that power despite a console being linked to another, ms have done an excellent job at cracking stuff this gen and they aren't the only ones who can do it, no more than Sony are the only ones that have exclusives anyway

darthv7243d ago

Keep in mind that since games are created mostly on PC's, then making a game that caters for the X can be as easy as setting some sliders and check boxes like a PC. Then by unchecking certain boxes you get the base model equivalent.

In PC development, they tend to aim high and then work back to more moderate levels. When it was console only, they would develop to what they thought the hardware could do and adjust from there. X is going to improve development for not only the xbo and PC but also the PS4. They now have the tiers for gaming. Ultra (PC), High (X), Medium/High (Pro) and Medium (PS4) and Medium/Low (xbo) and the engines can scale and adapt to any of these platforms.

mcstorm42d ago

I was just about to post the same as your self this is what people are not getting and it's another step closer to xbox/PC being on the same page.

NoPeace_Walker43d ago

Xi, what is the purpose of your 1-2 words comments? It makes no sense.

ThinkThink43d ago

I think you get points for every comment. He likes points.

ludicrous42d ago

Well, most comments on n4g don't make sense anyways so I rather keep it short like xi. Would u prefer an essay full of nonsense instead?

DeadSilence43d ago

Gears of War? Gears of War 3 looked way better than Gears of War 1, 360 had a lot room left in 2006 even after the original Gears.

Unspoken42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Sorry but thus dev seems slightly behind, the game engine was the true showcase which may be what he is after. Once UE4 gets implement Ed, Unity matures, and CryEngine expands it's dev library, then you will see what X1X truly brings.

TRU3_GAM3R42d ago

Gears of war didn't push x360 to it's limits crysis 3 did on both x360 and ps3

"Have the current-gen consoles finally reached their limits?"
Crytek's Crysis 3 is one of the most technically accomplished games of this generation, a visually spectacular piece of software that pushes graphical boundaries on all platforms. And with all its graphical settings pushed to the max, Crysis 3 on PC effectively offers a "next-gen now"

Sciurus_vulgaris42d ago

I personally consider Crysis 3 to the best looking 7th gen console game. In noway did Gear of War 1 max out the 360, its own sequels had more advanced lighting and shaders.

81BX41d ago

I thought gtav looked good too

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