Detroit: Become Human is Beyond Anything David Cage Has Done Before

Detroit: Become Human, the cybernetic choose-your-own adventure game from David Cage, is shaping up be one of the best.

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UCForce291d ago

Yeah, this game is very dark. No joke. But it did what it best.

FallenAngel1984291d ago

The subject matter in this game is so Heavy that it unfortunately caused some SJWs just want to come in and Rain on David Cage’s parade.

UCForce291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

Yeah, I feel sorry for him. I remember Eurogamer even threatened him for it, but Cage handle the situation pretty well.

Gamist2dot0290d ago

Latest trailer was Beyond my expectation.

DarXyde290d ago

I expect this game to sell very well. I feel like Cage put his soul into the last 2 games and has since evolved.

I guess you can say that Detroit is...............Beyond Two Souls.

andrewsquall290d ago

He was put on the spot by Eurogamer in that horrible, cringe interview all right. He got a bit hot under the collar, maybe 120 degrees Fahrenheit or so, but he called them out for their BS. "Would you ask that to a director, really, REALLY?"

DarXyde290d ago

I guess Cage's parade can expect...


...some Heavy Rain.

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chrisx291d ago

Good 2 hear. The hype is real.

Jurat291d ago

Looks promising; I would love to play a game like this in VR - The investigation/interrogation sequences in Batman: Arkham VR were particularly immersive. A David Cage-esque experience would be something special.

pwnsause_returns290d ago

Im sure that would be his next game..

Ashlen290d ago

I've been looking forward to this game since it was first announced. I can't wait to see how the story plays out, then do it again a different way.

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The story is too old to be commented.