Fallout 3 Xbox One X Preview: Best Console Wasteland

Fallout 3 Xbox One X preview going over the details that have come to improve this classic Xbox 360 game that has been enhanced for the Xbox One X. This is a shining example of how Xbox Backwards Compatible games could be improved.

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dreue410d ago

guys im not a troll,i just dont understand that people are fine with no exclusives,like Nintendo and Sony are bringing new games,new ways of gameplay etc....while MS is doing the same over and over again hardware alone....sorry but im not trolling on you guys i just think MS position was better then in the present...and it seams you guys are all fine with just saying that i prefer power over games....and i remenber me as a kid never thought on a console for the power it has but for the games it has....and now a days it is changing and i think this is not good....and if you guys cant understand that you guys are the trolls ones....ok ? i never say i was trolling with you guys ...

DragonbornZ410d ago

You're the one who brought it up out of nowhere. Not looking to play 3 again, but I've been contemplating whether or not to play Fallout New Vegas again on PC with mods for a while now.

I might replay the Mass Effect series on the X if theres a decent improvement as it's one of my favorite series and I haven't played it in a long time.

Just good games getting decent upgrades. You dont have to be on the other side of the spectrum and make something out of it just because some other fanboys would.

dreue410d ago

dude ok i will stop saying what i think about MS....and i will move on and will not bash here anymore,e never want to became a person that just bash on people....i dont do that so sorry in any way....for every one here if i was wrong my bad,did not meant to....but i still think MS should focus more on games than in power....again if you guys are happy with it ok,but if sony would do that im almost certain that a lot of people will not buy ps4 and or ps4 pro because we all want new games first and then new guys im sorry never was my intention to troll any of you ya sorry again....

DragonbornZ410d ago


Chill man lol there's nothing wrong with criticizing MS. It's fine. I'm excited for some of their upcoming games (have been playing the Sea of Thieves alpha :D), and I think theyre nailing things in the hardware side, but they definitely do need to acquire some more studios and push out more exclusives.

You just brought it up out of nowhere, and i'm just excited to see these backwards compatibility impressions. Excited to see Red Dead on it.

Thanks for apologizing though. People get caught up in this stuff and it can end up getting under your skin, so I know what you mean. People would be blasting Sony in MS position, some rightfully so and some not.