Monster Hunter World makes huge changes but keeps the series’ soul

Monster Hunter World is the next mainline game in Capcom’s long-running Monster Hunter series, and it’ll be the first entry to be made available around the world at the same time. Capcom really wants this game to crack the West.

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Jurat379d ago

Great write-up; thanks for sharing.

MHW is currently my most anticipated title. As a western fan, I've played every iteration since the original PS2 release, although I've always struggled to enjoy co-operative experiences on PSP, Wii(U) and 3DS. I've never managed to convert any of my friends.

Hopefully the PS4 crowd will warm to it this time around and it'll finally achieve the global recognition it deserves.

zerocarnage379d ago

It's not just the play crowd, it needs to be recognised on pc and Xbox just as much, they are deeply all important for the game to keep coming to our consoles.

BLow379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

I've been waiting on this game since the PS2 version. Didn't play any others as I was waiting for a PS3 version. Never happened. Now I'm in heaven and can't wait. Oh, and I get to slay monsters as Aloy. Thank you Capcom.

PhoenixUp379d ago

Seems like a great title to welcome newcomers

zerocarnage379d ago

Old fans will enjoy it, newcomers will be in shock at the game and how ace it is, jaw dropping it will be..

bluefox755379d ago

Never been so excited for a game from a series I've never played, and know nothing about. The gameplay footage has me absolutely sold.

zerocarnage379d ago

I know for so many years since the vote page got put up on Xbox that have been tons of votes to bring a monster Hunter game to Xbox, seeing that were finally here with it its truly is amazing.

Makes me want to buy a ps2 and 're live it all from the start, shame can't get online no more on one.

They should do a remaster of the first for consoles..

rezzah379d ago

Train yourself in single player so you don't rely on others to kill monsters.

zerocarnage379d ago

Why does it sound like the person who wrote the article never really played the game but instead watched the demo presentation which was played and is on YouTube, that is exactly what happens in the video despite the article being a good rite up lol..

That is the problem with the west, unless you played MH on ps2 or any Nintendo consoles or handhelds then you don't know what monster Hunter is. Players who have not played one before, my advice is take the gamble, I don't usually say it but I do with MHW, it will be truly epic..

The franchise from where it was first born, has come so far, I've had the easier of experienceing it all the way and I've never been dissapointed..

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