The Surge on Xbox One X Lets You Pick Between [email protected] and [email protected]; Upcoming Expansion Detailed

Wccftech talked to DECK13 about The Surge's upcoming 'A Walk in the Park' expansion, due in December, and the Xbox One X update.



DECK13 had mistakenly sent over the wrong information at first. They corrected it today - both modes can use HDR and the 30fps mode runs at 1800P.

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ccgr411d ago

Interesting, already have it on PS4 though...

InTheLab411d ago

I thought it was more cheap than hard. The last act with the techno blobs for stupid

SierraGuy411d ago ShowReplies(7)
Imp0ssibl3411d ago

What happened to the almighty Xbox One X? Didn't they say there was no power greater than X...?

TankCrossing411d ago

Wouldn't get yourself too excited, he probably misspoke. HDR wouldn't cost 30fps.

Alexious411d ago

I can confirm that it's not that, having double-checked with him.

I've heard from other sources that HDR is somehow more complicated with the Xbox One X than PS4 Pro.

TankCrossing411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

^^being familiar with the Windows 10 implementation of HDR, it certainly wouldn't come as a surprise if there are challenges in getting HDR to output with the intended colour palette. Having said that, from a user perspective the One S hasn't been any problem at all.

SierraGuy411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

Sounds like it does to me. HDR is hard baked into the chipset on Pro unlike Xbox. So is rapid packed math something else Xbox is missing...ask AMD how they know.

bluefox755411d ago

Power can only get you so far, which is why PS4 exclusives still look better than X1X despite the power deficit.

Kribwalker411d ago

“actually a mistype on the programmer’s part and the game will be able to run at [email protected] fps or [email protected] fps, with both modes being HDR enabled (provided you have a compatible display”

DevilishSix410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

TankCrossing you are correct, the sony ponies below are idiots and the developer already said they sent the wrong info, lol.

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shloobmm3411d ago

If you think a lazy dev has something to do with the power of the X then you sir are an idiot.

BassMan125411d ago

Why blame devs for being lazy? They're not attached to develop and optimize exclusively on 1 console.
Why not blame MS for not making a new exclusives to showcase the true power of X? Xbox only have Forza 7 for that, and it's a racing game, a genre which usually not so demanding, hardware wise.

Artemidorus411d ago

Pretty pathetic excuse from yourself considering the XOX is more powerful on paper.

This company hasn't used it's full potential and that's the truth.

SynKakarrot411d ago

last time I check it was said that it is the most powerful console

OffRoadKing411d ago ShowReplies(3)
Trez1234411d ago

Just one game and those devs are lazy. The X is more powerful and should be superior one way or another when iy comes to multiplats.

conanlifts411d ago

If the X version turns out to be inferior then it would certainly be a development problem. Every aspect of the console Is more powerful so there would be no reason for anything different. Having said that is 1620/30 better than 1080/60. Also is the 1080/30 mode also enhanced in comparison. The comparisons will be interesting to see.

Pantz411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

Titanfall 2 does native 4k, 60fps, and HDR on Xbox One X. It's not the fault of the X if developers can't figure it out.

christocolus411d ago

Don't you look silly now? The article has been corrected. Lmao XD.

russo121411d ago

The beast has already hibernated because we are going to winter?

conanlifts410d ago

I think your comment just hit you back in the face. The article has been updated to confirm the info was incorrect and both modes use HDR and the resolution in 30fps is 1800p.

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KaiPow411d ago

To be fair, 1080p60 would be the way to go if it's a locked 60.

OMGitzThatGuy411d ago

Doesn't change the fact that a console 40% stronger than its competition is running at ALOT lower res. Shit reeks of either miscommunication or lazyness.

InTheLab411d ago

Is there really a point in dumping time into what's a basically specialized console?

Mkai28411d ago

Yeah, just seem like they could use some of those extra assets to push that HDR.. If it even works like that..

411d ago Replies(1)
Cybermario411d ago

basically, is not all about the amount of teraflops you have in your console ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

DragonbornZ411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

Well yeah it's about how devs use that power. Seems they didn't fully here.

60 is awesome though.

411d ago Replies(1)
bluefox755411d ago

Don't try telling that to these armchair console tech "enthusiasts" that just learned about the word teraflop a year ago.

Black0ut411d ago

Truth is we don't know the whole story here so it's miscommunication or these devs do not know how to utilise the console. If it's the latter then maybe they should try reaching out for help.

I've not seen any experienced dev say this so it makes you wonder wth these guys are doing...

freshslicepizza411d ago

"Don't try telling that to these armchair console tech "enthusiasts" that just learned about the word teraflop a year ago."

Then please tell us where the PS4 Pro would have any advantage in hardware? This is just a rush job.

conanlifts410d ago

Well yes, check the updated article as the info was wrong. Both modes use HDR and the 30fps mode is 1800p.

Zeref408d ago

typo. It's actually 1800p

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