9 Games Missing From Sony's Paris Games Week Conference

From Death Stranding to Days Gone, here's what didn't show up at Sony's Showcase.

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chrisx46d ago

Hopefully we'll get more news about Days Gone and Death Stranding,along with the 7 other games at PSX.

Relientk7746d ago

Spyro the Dragon Trilogy HD Collection

Where is it? Don't you hide that from me. I hope they announce it at PSX, if not probably E3.

andrewsquall45d ago

Hopefully Shaun Layden will be sporting an Insomniac Games' Spyro on a t-shirt, with an announcement at the event or E3 next year. :) 2018 is also the original Spyro's 20th Anniversary. And i hope they call it the Spyro G. Nasty Trilogy.

PressXtoBacon46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

More bloodborne is always a good thing

rivaldoo77746d ago

Give them a break!!! One must be released after they reveal what is under development!!

Chaosdreams45d ago

They space these things out. *yawn* Common practice. Though it's good to be aware of the titles, gives a good sense of those most likely to be discussed in the next showcase.

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The story is too old to be commented.