The Last of Us Part II is Mysteriously Fascinating, Even With The Violence

After collecting everything we already knew about The Last of Us Part II, we can conclude it as another mysteriously fascinating game by Naughty Dog. We have a lot to learn, many things we missed, and a strong belief that the game is still a masterpiece even with the violence.

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chrisx111d ago

What fascinates me is that we see totally new characters which is a good sign that ND will take advantage of this universe full of so much potential.

Relientk77111d ago

I'm very excited to be introduced to new characters, learn their stories, and how they fit into the story

Gamist2dot0111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

They did a really good job on characters survived or not on the TLOU; even the doctors at the end when we have to make a decision on their least for me it was.

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Xenophon_York111d ago

Anyone else notice that as soon as PlayStation or Nintendo starts occupying the top spots in the 'hottest' daily stories/articles that somehow an XBOX story/article gets bumped to the top spot(s)?

I've been on here SOLID for four or five days now, and it happens consistently.

Think moderators do it to keep the stories appealing to XBOX gamers—so they don't feel out of place and go somewhere else for XBOX news.

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Chaosdreams111d ago

"Even with the violence."

Well it's the Last of Us. Violence is in its nature... I don't see how it takes a sequel for people to clue into that. We were literally smashing faces into walls in the first game.

RevXM109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Exactly what I thought too.
The ugly violence of this game is a good thing to remind us of the ugly side of humanity and life.
Its in support of the story and universe and reminds us how fragile and precious life is. in a game that was largely about loss, gritty desperate survival and horror in the first place.

"Even with the violence" well yeah violence is part of the point dumbasses. not every apocalypse is rainbows and sunshine, and people arent all good all the time and will do desperate and ugly things if pushed far enough.
The last of us made us choose things and made us think and reflect about our own and the characters actions.