Miles Morales adds intrigue to 'Spider-Man' on PS4

"Last year, Insomniac Games got our spidey-senses tingling with the announcement of Spider-Man for PS4, and a gameplay trailer at E3 2017 amped up the buzz even more. At Sony'sPlayStation Showcase event at Paris Games Week (PGW), we learned more about the characters, which will include Mary Jane Watson, villain Negative Man, Aunt May, and, intriguingly, Miles Morales. Engadget chatted with Insomniac Games' Creative Director Bryan Intihar and Community Director James Stevenson about what role those characters will have in the game." By Steve Dent

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chrisx407d ago

Always loved the mentor-student dynamic btw Peter and Miles. Can't wait for this game.

Jeff257406d ago

It plays out fairly well in the newest Spider-Man cartoon too. I am definitely looking forward to how the game does it and is still easily my most anticipated game for next year.

PhoenixUp407d ago

In other news Mary Jane is playable for some reason

gangsta_red407d ago

Nice addition to the game. Hopefully he'll be a playable character. Maybe they'll add Spider-Man 2099 ;)

dalte89406d ago

How is NOOOOOOBODY, i mean ANYBODY, talking about the possibility of adding CO-OP through this? If its already breaking the Spiderman Story formula, how sick would it be that they actually add co-op!?!?!!? Even if its just going through the city and side missions. Would be sick.