Is Wolfenstein 2 Better Than Call Of Duty WW2 When It Comes To Killing Nazis?

With a 9.75/10 from GameInformaer, and 9/10 ratings from PC Gamer, Polygon and, it looks like Wolfenstein 2 has carried the excellence of the first person shooter genre into the sequel.

As usual, the game features great characters, futuristic Nazis, and amazing carnage.

The storyline takes place in this cyber-punk style 1960s, filled with glorified racism and downright inhumanity. Although it's a running theme with the Wolfenstein franchise, there's something a bit more real this time around, given the political feelings of the United States right now. Anyhow, the game revolves around the imaginations of what might happen if the Nazis had won World War 2.

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PhoenixUp380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

I definitely like Wolfenstein 2’s way of it since I’ve seen WWII been done for the umpteenth time already

woodtock380d ago

is it time to end the call of duty franchise then?

PhoenixUp380d ago

Of course not. I got into the CoD series when they finally moved away from that tired WWII setting. At least with a modern or futuristic setting there’s more room for imagination to make for varied set pieces.

With a WWII game you’re pretty much restricted by how many ways you can handle the situation.

At least with Resistance & Wolfenstein they opted for an alternative history to keep things fresh. This latest CoD pays homage to its roots and keep things straight. While I can respect that decision, I’d rather wait until next year when they do another setting

NapalmSanctuary379d ago

A WWII CoD would be decent if it had the depth of gunplay, and a level and mission design similar to modern Doom and Wolfenstein games. Thats basically what the first two Medal of Honor games on the PS1 were, and they are classics.

ninsigma380d ago

It's the one I'll be playing anyway. The first and its DLC was also more fun to play than how I remember COD playing.

guyman380d ago

Haven't played Cod ww2 but wolfenstein 2 is superior x1000

Unreal01380d ago

The most irrelevant comment I've ever seen.

woodtock380d ago

Oh it’s just an opinion.

mafiahajeri380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Man the gameplay is epic, I dont think they realize how good it would translate into MP, would be 10x bettrr then cod.

woodtock380d ago

COD needs to innovate itself and try something different like gran turismo sport. lol. :)

CorndogBurglar380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

So they should make itna driving game?

Thats sarcasm.

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