Media Create Sales 102317-102917

Latest charts from Media Create are in.

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Neonridr291d ago

Mario outsells the rest of the list combined.

UltraNova291d ago

Was there any question that a Nintendo system would outsell everything else in Japan? Especially a Nintendo system that's mainly a hand-held one!

UltraNova290d ago

Says the Nintendo loyalist...

Btw I still hold N close to my heart and I dont like salt, its bad for my diet/gym routine ;-)

Lime123291d ago

Mario first week 1/2 of DQXI for PS4.

Neonridr291d ago

Mario first week was 2 days, lol

EddieNX 291d ago

Mario is going to outsell it easily lol. On a smaller brand new installed Base. It's an evergreen title

Lime123291d ago

DQXI first week was also 2 days.

Neonridr291d ago

PS4 has a few million more users now doesn't it? Let's see which one sells more in the end, shall we?

Gemmol290d ago

Splatoom 2 retail sales about to pass DQXI playstation 4 retail sales

UCForce291d ago

Mario is saving Japanese Game Industry. Yes !

Kribwalker291d ago

we knew the xbox one was crushed early in japan, but soon the switch will be crushing the PS4 in total market share in japan as well. in the first 6 months of the console being on sale (26 weeks) in japan the switch sold over 1.5 million systems with stock shortages. they say it took 69 weeks for the ps4 to do the same. that’s crazy. At this pace it won’t take long for the switch to overtake the ps4 in japan.

Neonridr291d ago

well.. the PS4 still has a few million lead over the Switch in Japan (PS4 crossed 5 million recently IIRC). But at the pace the Switch is selling, it will happen sooner or later indeed.

The 10th Rider291d ago

Next year most likely, especially if Pokemon launches next year. The switch will easily be at 2.5-3.5 million there by the end of this year.

Prince_TFK291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

If Pokemon launches next year, espcially with more Switch owners than now, the sale is gonna be crazy.

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showtimefolks291d ago


I think sony will be happy with good sales moving forward even if switch outsells the ps4. Whatever sales Sony gets in Japan is just bonus basically

Japanese gamers like handheld gaming and Nintendo said over 60% of games played on switch are done so in portable mode

Overall ps4 is outselling switch and Xbox one world wide. World wide there hasn't been a single month where switch outsold the ps4 that's why ps4 is over 67 million

michellelynn0976290d ago

Um no. The Switch is outselling the ps4 worldwide and wrong. It is used mostly as both. So much salt and denial.

showtimefolks290d ago


not according to nintendo's own data which they revealed just few days back at their investors meeting but who knows maybe you know more than nintendo

and ps4 is outselling the switch world wide. do you know what world wide means? it means ps4 overall is outselling the switch while switch is outselling ps4 in some markets

Lime123291d ago

And rememer, Xbox One is in last, 3rd place, in Japan and worldwide.

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Gemmol290d ago

Give Xbox one x a chance

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Moonman291d ago

Switch selling like a holiday week already. Holiday numbers might hit a 200,000+ week. Insane.

DJK1NG_Gaming291d ago

It might go beyond that. If Nintendo can restock Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 Bundle in Japan. It could reach 300K. Meaning the Switch has a chance of being at 3 million units sold by the end of this year in Japan.
Meaning not only it will outsell the Wii U in one year in Japan but also Worldwide.

Lime123291d ago

Wow, Wii U was such a failure...

EddieNX 291d ago

So was the Vita and it has hardly any decent games. 3DS carried Nintendo into the mighty position they're in now

Prince_TFK291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

Whoa would you look at that. Mario alone outsell every games on the list combined. Nintendo hits jackpot here. Hope this momentum continues well beyond Xmas.

Also, this was only 2 days after Mario Oddessy launched. Cant wait to see next week's Media Create. To those who made fun of Mario Oddessy when it got outsold by ACO in the UK, this may opened your eyes abit.

Neonridr291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

it was only outsold on the combined sales. On the individual chart it outsold AC Origins on the PS4 (which is the version that sold the most). Crazy considering the Switch only has about 2 million UK owners vs about 25 million PS4 owners.

291d ago
Neonridr291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

@Waqar - sorry my numbers are for all of Europe. mixed that one up, thanks for pointing that out.

Still, the margin is still slanted in favour of the PS4 regardless. Heavily slanted.

291d ago
Neonridr291d ago

@Waqar - no clue, can't find that list anywhere. All we know is Mario did over 2 million globally in 3 days.

Lime123291d ago

Even crazier is that in top 10 there are 6 PS4 games and only 1 (one) Switch game.

Lime123291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

Pretty bad debut for Super Mario in UK. Over 79k, Crash did over 100k. But it's expected. Switch (and 3DS and Wii U) are/were dead in UK

Neonridr291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

@Lime - where are your numbers for Mario? You realize that out of your 6 PS4 titles in the top 10 (UK list) only 1 is an exclusive right?

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