10 Of The Greatest Video Game Soundtracks

Composer Jessica Curry picks out her personal favourite video game soundtracks, and explains why they are so special.

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Fist4achin381d ago

Music in gaming has come a very long way and I commend game developers for their use of music and sound in general. It definitely adds to my enjoyment while playing.

InTheZoneAC381d ago

1. Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, 3, and Tropical Freeze

BrianOBlivion381d ago

I love the brooding minimalist soundtracks of Limbo and Deadlight. I listen to them pretty regularly on my ipod as i go about my day.
Gustavo Santaolalla's soundtracks for The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us: Left Behind are really beautiful too.

irishyort381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

I didnt mind Journey, but it was a bit bland track after track of similar sounds. Skyrim had that one 43 minute atmosphere track that felt out of place so kinda ruined it for me as well. So i'd replace them with any of the below

The Last of Us
Horizon Zero Dawn
Far Cry 4
Destiny the Taken King

All feel like they should be on this list instead of a few of them, but everyone likes different things I guess.

Ragthorn380d ago

Well, everybody has an opinion, particularly, this is Jessica Curry's opinion - composer for Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - a game for which I felt the soundtrack was amazing as well. Her choice of music is catered to how she sees music should be done mostly. Although I agree with the Horizon Zero Dawn and Destiny (Far Cry 4 I have not listened to), The Last of Us' soundtrack did not catch me besides the main track. That whole soundtrack is basically the Skyrim Atmospheres track like you mentioned, which I do like particularly as background noise. But Journey will always have a special place in my heart for that beautiful meld of visual and sound and the camaraderie with the people I've met. I even bought the vinyl soundtrack for it lol.