Capcom has history of showing passion for franchises even when sales didn't justify continuation

For most gaming companies, having a game not be a commercial success is enough to deter them from continuing to work on a game or series. Capcom, however, does have a history of developing games even when previous titles did not do so well.

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Servbot41383d ago

Yeah like Megaman, Power Stone, Dino Crisis, Okami, Ghost Trick, Onimusha, Final Fight, Viewtiful Joe and... oh wait a minute...

TejasTV383d ago

You lead with megaman which doesn’t help your argument. Your comment is just kind of weird lol

Servbot41383d ago

They showed passion for the series decades ago, sure. But they don't have the passion for the series these days.

FallenAngel1984383d ago

You lead with Mega Man yet seem to forget that Capcom wasn’t interested in the series until the second installment hit.

383d ago
PapaBop383d ago

Living in the past really, the Capcom of a decade ago is nothing like the current Capcom.

dissonanse383d ago

Capcom of my childhood was great but that was 15 years ago. Current Crapcom is all about disc locked content, season pass, and cancelling all those games I enjoyed during my childhood.

goatking383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

Yea, they are sure showing passion with how amazing street fighter V and MvC Infinite were. Oh wait...