The Original PlayStation Boss

When discussing PlayStation history, many rightly point to figures like Ken Kutaragi, who led the creation of the first three PlayStation consoles, as well as Andrew House and Kaz Hirai, who have overseen the PlayStation business in recent years — amongst others.

But with a company as large as Sony, there have been many key figures who have never become public names, even at the highest levels of the company.

One name you don’t hear as much is Shigeo Maruyama, the former chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment and, before that, the CEO of Sony Music Entertainment. Maruyama played a key role in getting the original PlayStation off the ground, and generally did so behind the scenes, nurturing talent and setting up Sony Computer Entertainment in the first place.

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Fist4achin380d ago

To honor them, they should place them in a game where the past bosses are the games bosses. They can design themselves as they appear with their outfit and weapons used. Just an idea and sony has the creativity to put it together...