Switch now has 300 registered developers working on games

Nintendo has revealed that there are now over 300 developers and publishers working on games for the Switch.

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DJK1NG_Gaming407d ago

Nintendo did the right thing getting all the major Game Engine developers use from the start. Getting Unreal Engine 4 and Unity support from start was a smart move otherwise we wouldn't get a lot of those games. Plus getting publishers exclusives engine running such as Ubisoft's Snowdrop Engine and Bethesda own engine that powers Doom and Wolfenstein II

wonderfulmonkeyman406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

"Outside developers aren't coming to the Switch", they said.
"The Switch will be just a Nintendo game machine, like the Wii U", they said.

*eye roll*, I did, knowing full well how wrong they were.

thesoftware730406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

Good to have the best game maker in the industry having success. Nintendo is timeless and the king of polished, fun and great looking games..they deliver such fun experiences time after time.

Lead by example, now com on 3rd party support, show us what you can do.

prb313406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

there wont be good tbrid party. just last gen ports once in awhile just like ea porting a gimped crap game like fifa 18 and now saying there waiting a year tonmake a decision on bringin more games to switch. like seriously bring us starwars and bring us nhl18 full game or i guess nhl19 at this point. how hard could it be it will sell anywhere on the point of playing them both anywhere u go. no soccer who cares about soccer. and a gimped soccer and cry sales are not up to expected levels of course not ea morons and of course there the only ones making starwars and nhl games these days. sickning

Smokingunz406d ago

What a great way to describe nintendo! U are correct

thesoftware730406d ago

I though so as well, as much people out there that hate on the company, it's undeniable that they put out amazing, excellent quality games longer than any game maker in the industry.

Whenever Nintendo announces a new game or well know edition to their spectacular IPs..its never a question if it will be great..its just a question of what will they do new, and will we like it more than the last masterpiece they released. Never a question of quality tho.

prb313406d ago

so what is it 298 indy crap. and 2 big game deves porting games from last gen consoles. give me a break.

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