The Last of Us Part II: Ellie's Mother Anna Was Teased in Uncharted 4 & Previous Art | Predictions

"The Last of Us Part II is still very mysterious, but certain parts of the game's plot are starting to come together and make a bit more sense. After yesterday's trailer showed off a handful of new characters, there's a bunch of new theories and ties to past promotional/concept art and easter eggs." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Ceaser9857361407d ago

Neil said "when it takes place" I guess this is a flashback somewhere around 2018 or so , Ellie wasn't born or weeks old fetus. Emily said "Nested Sins" while pressing the knife at assuming Anna's belly .. Prolly it was a sin to get pregnant.

naruga407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

though that "jacked " Elli s Mother is damn idiotic and repulsive as image (she s identical to Nadine but in white) ....Women with athletic physique that can overcome hardships dont need to be like transgeneder men ...this thing has more muscles than me

UCForce407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

She based on this woman :

Ceaser9857361407d ago

I dont see why its a problem with a lady in muscle here.. What's wrong with Anna being Jacked??
What i feel to create this actor they used 3 people.. Nadine for Voice and movement , Ashley to get that slight facial look alike to Ellie and Colleen for the body structure...

AspiringProGenji407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

Oh no a virtual lady looks more masculine that you do. How embarrassing

DialgaMarine407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

You know, we are talking about a post apocalyptic world overrun with cannibalistic mushroom people; having a good physique, regardless of gender, is far more practical and useful than looking pretty. Just sayin. She’s honestly not bad looking.

She’s also not that jacked; just very toned. If you’re a male and she’s bigger than you, the problem isn’t unrealistic design; it’s that you need to go lift bro. lol

Paytaa407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

Insecure that a woman can be in better shape than you, let alone a video game character? Lmao pathetic

OB1Biker407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

So what?
I'm very eager to play as that bad ass character that's no problem at all. Better than a whining Lara Croft. The only thing that bothers me is the different timeline but I trust the game will be brilliant what ever they go for.
Its amazing when you see the real actress though

PatriotOfIron407d ago

i get what you mean, they only wanna acknoeledge the SJW shit when its conveinent...but to be far the actor is debo

Dark_Knightmare2406d ago

You're weird bro and need to grow up

SlightlyRetarted406d ago

Everytime i read an incredible stupid comment on N4G, there is a high chance that it's a comment by you. It's getting comical.

rainslacker406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

Women like this exist in the real world. Just look at any military service branch and they'll be plentiful. Serious female athletes often do as well. On top of that, I'd expect this kind of physique for anyone who was probably some kind of warrior of some sort. People like Lara Croft, or Jill valentine from Resident Evil, would more likely have this kind of physique over their more slender, less toned muscular structure that they actually do have. Unless you think slender, barely toned muscles is appropriate for someone who climbs cliffs, constantly runs, or jumps around zombies all the time is more normal than actually being "jacked".

In this case, it's more about realism, than idealism, and ND has been pushing more towards realistic depictions since they first started the Uncharted series.

You may not find it that attractive, and honestly, I'm not really into it either, but that doesn't make it any less realistic.

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Summons75407d ago

Hope this is a flashback because Ellie's parents are supposed to be dead. Like this is the opening to the first where it shows Joel before the outbreak.

Ceaser9857361407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

but who knows Anna Could be alive and got separated from Ellie or this could be a prologue on how Ellie got separated from her parents and Ellie would want revenge from those people... or one of those two Asian chick could be alive and made contact with Ellie and telling her everything

OB1Biker407d ago

Whatever it is I doubt its only a short part in the game. These are main characters as much as Ellie and Joel imho

DialgaMarine407d ago

The first story with Ellie and Joel takes place 20 years after the outbreak, and Ellie was only 14, so we know that her mother had to survive at least 6 years into the outbreak. This could be the opening, and she dies, but she could also still be alive. Who knows?

ravinash406d ago

I like the idea about Anna and Joel crossing paths back when Joel was a bad guy.
So if Anna turns up again so many years later, and finds a old enemy friends with her daughter, it might make for an interesting dynamic.

rainslacker406d ago

That would be pretty interesting. We know Joel had dealings with the Fireflies because of Tommy...although I don't recall if he was actually one of them. I don't think he had a cause until he met Ellie. I don't know if I like the thought of Anna and Joel being antagonistic towards one another though, and I don't know if I'd like a story that revolves around Ellie being torn between them, as that seems the only logical place to take such a story dynamic.

rainslacker406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

I don't recall Ellie ever saying her mom was dead. Maybe it was in left Behind and I just forgot, or in some of the supplimental material. Maybe it's just been too long and I forgot.

I feel the woman in this trailer wouldn't have been old enough to be Ellie's mom though, as she looked to be maybe 30-ish, and I assume her mom was older when giving birth to her, so given the age of Ellie in TLOU, her mom would likely be much older. Granted, I wouldn't say that Joel looked like he was pushing mid-to-late 50's in TLOU, so who knows.

Given how they were attacked by clickers at the end fo the trailer, and that the woman was implied to be pregnant, maybe this is just a flashback which explains how Ellie is immune to the outbreak. Something about the mother being bitten causes her to build up an immunity or something.

But I'm favoring flashback of her mother. If not that, then it's a completely different character.

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spirited407d ago

Expect many flashback scenarios like Uncharted 4

Xenophon_York407d ago

Last of Us Part I was one of the first times I played a video game that felt like true interactive, dramatic theater. Part II is going to raise that bar even higher.

PlayableGamez-407d ago

I want Anna to sit on my face. 😩

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