Nintendo is not happy with Super Mario Run's profits

Nintendo says it “learned a lot” from its first mobile debut for Super Mario Run.

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slate91382d ago

A one time 9.99 fee is not the problem imo. Just release a mario game with normal controls (arrows, a, b) and stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Touch controls are not the best, but I'm sure people wont mind if it is mario.

KnowTechie382d ago

Can we use your comment in our post?

Soulst0rmer382d ago

DRM was the #1 reason why I didn't buy it.

iofhua382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Anyone can run an NES emulator on their smartphone and arrows plus A, B just don't work. Touchscreens just aren't as precise as a controller with buttons. Which is why what Nintendo did with Mario Run was the only way to do it. Tap to jump is complicated enough on a phone screen.

One problem is the $9.99 fee. That stands out in a marketplace where most smartphone games cost less than $5 each.

The other problem is you can't download Mario Run if you have a rooted phone. It doesn't even show up as an option on Google play if you have root. This shuts out millions of users from buying their game, and why? Frankly it's none of Nintendo's business if my phone is rooted or not.

While platformers are a bad choice for touchscreen controls, turn-based games work just fine. I think they would have had more success with a mobile Paper Mario title.

arkard382d ago

Millions of people run rooted? Highly highly doubt it. And that's coming from someone who used to root everything.

slate91382d ago

Just speaking from a normal boring iPhone user perspective, I feel like there are millions of people without jailbroken iPhones that are itching for a classic mario game on here with normal controls. Like I said the touch controls wouldnt be the best, but they would be a better option than the foreign 'Run' controls that nintendo tried to implement.

iofhua382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Arkard - about one quarter of android phone users root their phones.


How many android phones are out there? Easily hundreds of millions.

conanlifts382d ago

"And that's coming from someone who used to root everything."
Hopefully you used an antiviral shield when you were busy rooting everything😉.

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NotAfanBoyy382d ago

IMO d-pad controls on touchscreens is a horrible idea. Especially where precision counts, on platformers. There's already countless emulators for that.

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WickedLester382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

The game is too shallow. I also don't like the "runner" mechanic. I'd rather it be more like a traditional Mario game. Like others are saying, while touch controls aren't ideal, I'd rather "deal" with that than have a Mario game that moves Mario for me.

shuvam09382d ago

The game was boring and unintuitive and yet it got 200 mil. downloads...
I am starting to wonder if Mario was real, then would Nintendo own Mario or would Mario own Nintendo???

Davidgr2382d ago

This game was awesome but for $9.99 there wasn't enough content. They should have priced it at $1.00 and I'm sure a it'd have made a lot more money.

moomoo319382d ago

never understood why they didnt go for a $4.99 price point

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