Konami Announces Strong Financial Results; Continues Having "High Hopes for the Gaming Industry"

Konami announced its financial results for the first half of the fiscal year, and they're strong, both in general and for the video games segment.

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XiNatsuDragnel411d ago

Ugh ..and I wished your stocks took a big hit. Jeez gaming these days.

ravinash411d ago

Their still riding off the back of MGSV at the moment.
Lets wait and see what happens when their first game with out Hideo comes out.

mafiahajeri411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

Theyre big in Japan because theyve switched their market to phone games and pachinko machines. Damn just me saying that sounds insane, if you told someone just a couple of years back, no one would believe you.

They even have a mgs themed pachinko machine. Its sad feels like a stab in the back. Konamis always been one of the OGs, theyve turned into a bunch of rats...

The golden age of amazing Japanese games has ended. Its all about the $$$ now.

I feel like they will regret it in the end. I can see Konamis gaming sector going bankrupt, because you may be making money now with your gambling machines and crappy phone games, but the loyalty and respect they had before is gone, good luck getting loyal fans from gamblers and casual phone game people. Mgs survive looks like crap, so I think theyll stop with MGS after that. Pes will probably go independent some how and make their own football game.

Also karmas a [email protected] but hey, they can always depend on their gyms to keep them afloat in Japan 😂 think of it for a sec, Konami could possibilly turn into a fitness company exclusively, lol.

chrisx411d ago

Konami will be irrelevant in the not too distant future.

freshslicepizza411d ago

Why, because you don't like how they treated Kojima? It's time to grow up and move on. They, like a lot of people in the industry don't like how the AAA market was headed. This is why you see lots of key people leave and go indie. Konami is a profit driven company like most companies and they seem to be doing better now.

chrisx411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

"Its time to grow up and move on" is the most ironic statement ever coming from you. Hypocrite much?

Godmars290411d ago

More like how they approach gaming in general now.

xenz411d ago

Let me put it this way;
They’ve butchered Metal Gear Solid, they’ve killed the Silent Hill series and in the last few years they have shown how disrespectful they’ve treated their employees, especially Kojima.

Maybe you should grow up and face reality?

Tankbusta40411d ago

Really hope this means we get a new Metal Gear game...I really want to see what the series can do without Kojima(he was a great director but a very stubborn one). Please make an Ocelot centered game.

ravinash411d ago

I'm afraid what you'll be getting is MGS Survival.
Nice little Multiplayer-Microtransaction-f est for you... but hay, that's what us gamers want right!

zielocz3k411d ago

time for a new Silent Hill or one big remastered collection for PS4

Kiknyonutz411d ago

We don't count Pachinko machines as games Konomi...

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The story is too old to be commented.