67.5 Million PS4 Shipped by September 30th; Prediction by March 2018 Raised to 79 Million

Sony released its financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2017, updating the total of PS4 consoles shipped by September 30th.

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DarkOcelet288d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they sold close to 90 million before the end of 2018.

RAM0N 288d ago

It's Holliday season, it could happen.

JaguarEvolved288d ago

Amazing sales for the ps4 already. They'll sell more than seven million consoles this holiday season so they'll more than likely sell through seventy nine million by end of March 2018. They have some amazing games coming early 2018 so that'll help sell a lot of consoles as well

darthv72288d ago

Closing in on PS3 sales fast. Next up after that... PS1 sales.

FATAL1TY288d ago

Sony is a beast

2018, 2019 = PS4 DOMINATION + Super Exclusives

freshslicepizza288d ago

With another price drop it could. It's averaging over 15 million per year and with two holiday seasons (2017 and 2018) it's a real possibility.

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Xenophon_York288d ago

Yeap—just wait till that price drop comes....and eventual mainstream acceptance of VR (sparked by its own price drop, and myriad of great games: Moss, Transference, Blood & Truth, Eden, and on, and on, and...).

One hundred million isn't too far away, either.

Big_Game_Hunters288d ago

VR as we know it is dead for gaming, hate to break it to you.

JackBNimble288d ago

Dead for you maybe.... I love how some of armchair analyst think you know something or think you can speak for other gamers.
I got news for you, just because VR isn't for you doesn't change anything in the industry or for the future of VR.

Xenophon_York288d ago


Have to admit, I was thinking like you until recently. I was worried before watching the entire Paris Game Week broadcast yesterday. Feels like PlayStation is treating its VR like its own platform—a platform Sony is dedicated to bringing more than just shovelware to.

In other words: the future looks completely solid for VR on PlayStation

Now, I don't know much about Oculus or Vive, though. But, I'd expect that's going to pick up too.

lelo2play288d ago

Microsoft execs must be saying to themselves...
"Exclusives don't matter... so why the hell is Sony outselling us by such a large margin?"
"Single player exclusive games are irrelevant..."
"Dam, we have no idea what we are doing in the console business..."

UltraNova288d ago

Are you questioning Phil The Great, The Success Guru, The Truth Master Spencer??? Dude, get serious!

morganfell288d ago


One of the things I could never forget was that Phil was an acolyte of Mattrick. People love to act as if he were some innocent man trapped in the machinations of a blind executive when undoubtedly some of those ideas were his at least in part. He executed Mattrick's plan with the fervor only a true believer could muster.

UltraNova288d ago

Oh dont get to be a MS division boss if your are anything less than a true believer to the Grand cause.

rainslacker288d ago

lol. Like MS would ever say that last line.

sd11288d ago

Some of what you say has merit. MS have done some amazing things this gen and xbox x is another great step. Their biggest issue though is closing great studios and not showing enough games. What they fail to take until account is even if single player games undersell on an individual basis together enough of them will ensure their console keeps selling.

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Letthewookiewin288d ago

Well it is the most powerful console available in the world with the best exclusives. How do you make MS look like a sad child? Release a Last of Us 2 trailer! Lol

Markusb33288d ago

So surprised there was no official price cut at PGW. I know there will be drops for black Friday but I thought another £50 off would push even more units sold

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DialgaMarine288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

If Sony announces custom PS4 consoles for Spider-Man, God of War, and Red Dead 2, it’ll hit 90 million before the holidays even start. It’ll probably be around E3 time that they announce it’s surpassed PS3’s total sales. That’s crazy.

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Ceaser9857361288d ago

And there is a good chance that may happen... MGS V got it , COD games got it, Battlefield 1 i blv got it..

DialgaMarine288d ago

Nah, BF1 only got a custom Xbone console.

butchertroll288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

They're up for 300k when you compare Q2FY16

Astonishing and well deserved. Especially when you deliver exclusive games.

rainslacker288d ago

I'm really curious to see how GT:S affected console sales. Despite it's critical reception, there seems to be a lot of positive talk and sales among the gamer themselves...outside the hardcore particularly.

GT:S is a system seller, and has always seen a pretty big boost for PS...except for GT6 which released on PS3 after the PS4 came out. Sony could easily see a bump of 2-3 million consoles because of that game alone.

trooper_288d ago

I wouldn't be either. This is nuts.

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TheColbertinator288d ago

Crazy amount of consoles sold. I dont think anybody will ever figure out how Sony sold so much.

Shuckylad288d ago

Because they made a better console compared to the competition upon release.

KwietStorm288d ago

Because the competition handed them their own ass upon release.

UltraNova288d ago

Because they made the best console at the begining and made even better and better and better with no sign of stopping - thats why Sony won this gen and they deserve every damn bit of it.

StormSnooper288d ago

Because they make games and not PR campaigns.

Notellin288d ago

I can't believe the first guy to respond figured out something that TheColbertinator didn't think anyone would ever figure out.

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guyman288d ago

Because it has games people want?

snoopgg288d ago

Better console, and most importantly a better variety of games.

sagapo288d ago

It says shipped, not sold. Kinda different. But still, Sony does great. The units will get sold eventually.

G20WLY288d ago

It's also talking about up to the end of March. Rest assured those and more are already sold, since that was over six months ago.

Ittoittosai288d ago

They offered the best value for the price and didnt have Don Mattrick or that other twitter guy who said something stupid also. It was a perfect storm of MS listening to companies Like EA and investors instead of consumers.

OB1Biker288d ago

I dont think *you ll ever figure it out.

LP-Eleven288d ago

I'd say it's the opposite, that YOU'LL be the one out of the loop. :P

OT: Mighty impressive console sales there!

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Ceaser9857361288d ago

"I dont think anybody will ever figure out how Sony sold so much."

Becoz its the best place to play .. PERIOD!

Knushwood Butt288d ago

Because they didn't force garbage like Kinect on consumers.

ocelot07288d ago

It's rather simple really. First they released a slightly more powerful console at a cheaper price than their competition. Then they released a couple of full blow exclusives you could only play on the PS4. Then they released a more powerful system and released a tone of more exclusives you can only play on the PS4.

While the competition released a slightly less powerful system with a camera a good percentage of owners didn't want. The slightly weaker system also cost more at launch. They released a few exclusives at the time. Then decided to release what ever little first party titles they had onto PC. Meaning you didn't have to own their console to play their games. Now their releasing a console that is more powerful than the competition but with little first party content and almost no exclusive titles.

So I think we all have a good idea why Sony sold so much. However, Sony have a new main competitor that released this year. Which will make 2018 very interesting.

trooper_288d ago

They actually have games, that's why.

rainslacker288d ago

Sony's consisitency in the software department, both 1st and 2nd party. Strong long term 3rd party support. Good price at launch. Positive pro consumer sentimentality around the console and company itself. Strong marketing which gave a clear picture of Sony being about the games. Decently powered console for the generation. Some of the markets strongest 1st party IP's which appeal to a wide variety of consumer bases. Capturing all the biggest games for marketing deals.

Take your pick. All those those things together, ,or individually for some people, have helped them sell so much.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen287d ago

Better games? More games? Games people want to play? EXCLUSIVES?

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Gemmol288d ago

not bad sony not bad at all

Lime123288d ago

Yep. Last quarter:

PS4 - 4.2 million shipped
Switch - 2.93 million shipped

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UltraNova288d ago

A 50 dollar Price cut across ps4, pro and Psvr will literally explode sales.

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XiNatsuDragnel288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

Sony and Nintendo are both sales monsters

OffRoadKing288d ago

I think you meant Beasts. lol

SirBradders288d ago

Beasts that have been around for a while not just turning up to the party. :-p

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DreadGara288d ago

He meant Cooky Monster's

rainslacker288d ago

The term beasts has been rendered pointless due to overuse when it's not even the appropriate term.

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RAM0N 288d ago

The next 3 months are going to give them a huge boost