Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Feels that the Next 12 Months of Games Will Be Bigger and Better than Past 12

Sony Innteractive Entertainment Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida talks about the next twelve months of games. He thinks that they're gonna be big.

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DarkOcelet258d ago

Sony is doing pretty damn well this gen. All we need now is Bloodborne 2. Make it happen, Shu.

Abriael258d ago

IMHO, Bloodborne 2 is the one thing that will never happen.

DarkOcelet258d ago

Bloodborne 2 from From Software is not gonna happen yeah because of the acquisition from Kadokawa corporation but Sony owns the IP so they could make another developer work on it.

Sony Japan studio have talented developers so I believe they can make it happen.

Liqu1d257d ago

@DarkOcelet I don't think Sony will bother unless Miyazaki is on board.

UltraNova257d ago


Yes but maybe they'll agree to letting the rest of the team who made BB take the sequel on?


What's the deal with Kadokawa? Do they have a grudge with Sony or something? Why wouldn't they agree to a sure thing like BB 2?

uptownsoul257d ago

Sony's been killing it...2016, 2017 & now 2018...each year topping the last

Dragonscale257d ago

Maybe not but hope you're wrong. A new ip would be great as well.

DarkZane257d ago


It's because Kadokawa bought FromSoftware, which makes them the publishers of all their future games. BloodBorne 2 with FromSoftware won't happen because Sony and Kadokawa would have to co-publish and share the profits.

DarkOcelet257d ago


DarkZane comment is pretty much a spot on the answer for your question. They won't share the profits.

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BadBoyC258d ago

Yakuza 6
Shadow of the Colossus
God of War
Detroit Become Human
Days Gone
Dissidia Final Fantasy
MLB The Show 18
Ni No Kuni 2
Left Alive

With that lineup coming next year and possibly more after PSX I can't argue with him


The Last of Us 2
Death Stranding
Ghost of Tsushima

2019 isn't looking like no slouch either.. 2019 is shaping up to be 1 hell of a year as well.

Apocalypse Shadow258d ago

And this is not even a complete list of games or including VR titles like Blood and Truth and Ace Combat 7.

Sony's on such roll that if they were a square, they'd still roll up hill.

Outside_ofthe_Box258d ago

Damn, Sony has really set the PS4 up nicely with must have games right through the release of the PS5.

Xenophon_York257d ago

'Nineteen is going to be a grand finale year for the fourth generation PlayStation. Which is kind of brilliant with the PS5 coming (very) soon thereafter. Actually, it would be a perfect time to release two versions of games of 'nineteen—Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding both on PS4 Pro and PS5.

Xenophon_York257d ago

This train has evolved from hype to hits.

goken257d ago

even better... and i was there thinking how sony could top 2017... but looking at the lineup, i must say it does look even more awesome!

FinalFantasyFanatic257d ago

No hype, only hits! or alternately: This is no hype boy! No hype!

Malice-Flare258d ago

that's a good feeling to have...

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