Codemasters Announces ONRUSH, An Arcade Racing Game From Former Evolution Devs

ONRUSH is Codemasters' next arcade racing game, made by former Evolution Studios developers, due on consoles next Summer.

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UCForce172d ago

MotorStrom but way crazier.

The_Jackel171d ago

my thoughts exactly hope it turns out amazing :)

Kurisu171d ago

Can only be a good thing, look forward to this :)

Bigpappy171d ago

Its not exclusive anymore so it can't be any good now, can it?

Kribwalker171d ago

it’s gonna be a wicked game to play on the OneX if they enhance it. They definitely needed to make a motorstorm kinda game

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Blastoise172d ago

Looks pretty good, you can definitely see what they've taken from Motorstorm

Alexious172d ago

Yep, it's just too bad it's apparently not coming to PC...

isarai172d ago

YES PLEASE! if there's one thing this gen is missing it's GOOD arcade style racers

crazychris4124172d ago

I knew they would make an over the top arcade racer. Market is oversaturated with sim racers and Codemasters already has several sim racing franchises.

Alexious171d ago

It's the right choice, for sure. Though I preferred moto

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The story is too old to be commented.