Diablo 3 is Doubling the Treasure Goblins for a Week

Next week, Diablo 3 players will be seeing extra goodies arriving to them during the upcoming double Treasure Goblin event.

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trumpwonstopcrying44d ago

"The buff will not apply to Goblin encounters in a Bandit Shrine, Goblin “Rift” packs, or in the Realm of Greed."

Waste of time. Also the double goblins leaves right before season 12 starts. Even more useless.

Wolfyseyes44d ago

Considering how readily gold flows in this game, I'm inclined to agree. Personally, though, I'm hoping for other Goblins to show up.

trumpwonstopcrying44d ago

Well if you like cosmetics and pets then double of those gobs is like finding pure gold. I just wish we all could get a nice little season buff to start with