Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Launches December 5th

"Today Bungie and Activision announced that the first Destiny 2 expansion, Curse of Osiris will be launching on December 5th.

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OpenGL384d ago

Nice, came out on PC a week ago and it's already getting a paid expansion.

AnubisG384d ago

Been out on consoles for almost two months now. Getting a DLC 3 months after release is ok.

Yohshida384d ago

The first major addon that close to release is really worrysome. Why not delay the game a little and include it? Oh yeah greed

AnubisG384d ago

It came out September 6th. 3months later it's getting it's first DLC. What are you guys talking about?

I'm not saying that D2 is perfect. There are so many things wrong with it but a DLC 3 months later is fine.

TheRealHeisenberg384d ago

Should have been in there to begin with. Seems like the usual approach of cutting content, charging full price for the game and then charge for aforementioned cut content.

Snookies12384d ago

@TheRealHeisenberg - "Seems like the usual approach of cutting content."

In what way? This doesn't look like cut content, it looks like stuff they worked on after the game launched. Granted, none of us really knows whether or not it was supposed to be in the base game. (The same can be said for a lot of games with expansions or DLC.) I usually think something is cut from the base product if they announce DLC a few weeks after launch. December is enough time from the launch to keep me from being suspect on that aspect.

Granted, the micro-transactions for this game still suck, but I'm not going to assume they're releasing cut content. That's going a bit too far.

AnubisG384d ago


Do you know this for a fact that this content has been cut? If so, show us proof. Otherwise, you are just making up stuff on feelings.

gamer9384d ago

@Snookies - I AM going to assume they are cutting content unless proven otherwise, because, well that's what they do..

TheRealHeisenberg384d ago

@ Snookies12

For me it is the optics based on what went down with D1, which clearly looked like cut content there from what was originally shown compared to what was initially released. Next were the complaints of my former clanmates and some of my current coworkers about there not being enough variety in PvE or PvP. Now we have this announced DLC after many articles about complaints of not enough to do.

I could certainly be wrong here and I can accept it if I am but this looks similar to how content came about with D1. I just hope they don't make previous content obsolete with each DLC release like they did with D1, forcing those that wanted to continue to pay up each time, and then charging again in the end to bring it all forward.

TheRealHeisenberg384d ago


No definitive proof. I just know what it looks like to me. Pretty much how the optics of Trump, his campaign, and collusion with the Russians look like right now.

Sevir383d ago

It's following the same content path as D1... The Dark Below launch Dec 9th, 3 months after Vanilla Destiny launched which was Sept 9th 2014...

And we got the second expansion in May 7, 2015. And the Taken King in 2015 later that year!

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freshslicepizza383d ago

Greed? Games have been $60 since 2005. Meanwhile developement teams have grown substancially and budgets have grown as well. It's not greed, it's called running a business.

gamer9384d ago

Fighting the vex again Lol. How many times can you repackage the same game with an hour of story added on? I will finally pass on Destiny and it feels so good!

Rude-ro384d ago

Bungie has been doing since they started, not sure why people would think it would change.
Exact formula for halo.

maybelovehate384d ago

Looks awesome. Vex were always my favorite enemy.