A Thoughtful Look At The Battle Between The PS4 Pro And Xbox One X

Michael at Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece that looks at the pending battle between the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4 Pro system as to which one is the most powerful and most desired game console for gamers.

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chrisx358d ago

Most powerful? Xbonex. Most desired, most loved, best selling, best exclusives, and the king of consoles? Ps4 and its varieties.

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spreadlove358d ago

"Most desired, most loved, best selling, best exclusives, and the king of consoles?"

I think this will belong to Switch soon.

Garethvk358d ago

Not without more AAA exclusives. AS long as games like Doom have to be stopped down to play on it; I would not be interested.

spreadlove358d ago


mobile doesn't have AAA exclusives and doing just fine and so will the Switch. It's already outselling the PS4 with supply constraints.

freshslicepizza358d ago

PS4 Pro is selling 20% of the PS4 family hardware, so no it's not king is it? The lack of marketing didn't help and neither did the lackluster launch with only a few titles. Plus Boost Mode didn't even get released for some 6 months later.

We all know the XB1X will be quite a bit more powerful but how will the ratio of sales be in the Xbox One family, will it be higher than 20%? Most 'thoughtful' people know total Xbox One hardware sales will not topple PS4 total hardware sales so that battle is likely over before it even begun but for those looking for an upgrade? That remains to be seen about how much developers are willing to push the platform.

uth11358d ago

Probably wont be more than 20%. Neitjer was expected to be. The issue is lack of adoption of 4K TVs by many consumers

OB1Biker358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

'Ps4 and its varieties.'
I agree with chrisx approach. You have on the one hand, XB1 and its different models. On the other hand, the PS4 and its different models. Its more of a matter of preference between PS4 and XB1 the rest is about models availability. For that matter I think both companies see the global sales and dont really specify low end from high end model.

Realms358d ago

Moldy so salty Sony is still killing MS and Nintendo combined how is that for a stat. LOL

itsmebryan358d ago

As a PS3 owner. I didn't like the PS3 exclusives like GoW, GT5 & 6, last of us, etc.. and didn't want to play the sequels, remastered, remixed versions of those games. Plus it left a bad taste 8n my mouth when Sony promised to fix the sound in GT 5 & 6 and never did. So, I passed on PS4 and got the X1 and bought a new video card for my PC with the money I had aside for the PS4.

But, I hope you enjoy your exclusives because none of them appeal to me.

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GamingSinceForever358d ago

How can you say the Pro is the best selling when the One X has yet to launch?

Not to mention that we really don't even know the true sells of the Pro and probably never will.

Fanboyism at its finest. Play some games for a change.

Obscure_Observer358d ago (Edited 358d ago )


"Most powerful? Xbonex. Most desired, most loved, best selling, best exclusives, and the king of consoles? Ps4 and its varieties."

Nice deflection, but the topic is specific about the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. If you check Amazon NOW, the Xbox One X is outselling both PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Which means, as far Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro comparissons goes as of now:

Xbox One X - Most desired, most loved, best selling .
PS4 Pro - best exclusives

As the king of consoles, yes, the title goes to PS4 this generation.

XStation4pio_Pro358d ago

For you.... I’m more excited about the one X.

TedCruzsTaint358d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Most powerful? X, PS4, Switch. Most desired? Depends on the player, but the Switch is doing amazing. Best selling? Again, the Switch is doing amazing. Best exclusives? Switch then PS4, going by numbers and critical scores. The king of consoles? Depends if you want power - X, Most support - PS4, or utility - Switch.
Don't play the bias game, then speak for everyone on top of it.

And this is without throwing the PC into the mix.

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Shineon358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Ps4 pro is almost pointless compared to ps4 regular, twice the gpu power didnt do much to stand out from the normal ps4, I feel like sony scammed me

SkippyPaccino358d ago

You playing your Pro on a 720p tv? Lol! I can definitely see a difference with my Pro, you just forget over time how much better it is without actually being able to do a side by side.

Shineon358d ago

Playing on a sony bravia 55inch 4k tv the diffrence is so small that you have to look for it.They could have kept the ps4 gpu the same and just gave us ram for better textures and a better cpu for 60fps gameplay, 4k checkerboard is ok but the visuals look soft compared to midrange pc with a decent ram pushing 1080p.Some of you think 4k makes a game look better but no it dosent. It just makes it sharper go play pong in 4k and be amazed!!!

dRanzer358d ago

The strongest hardware will always have a better Performance.
But are we going to see productions like God of War or TLOU Part 2 on xbox one/x
Hard to tell

itsmebryan358d ago

I hated both of those games on my PS3. So, that's not much of a lose for me.

Lexreborn2358d ago

It's no question of which system is more powerful that's indisputable. Only thing for discussion is which has better market appeal. This isn't a beginning of a generation anymore, people aren't getting fatigued on this gen like last gen just yet. So, the Library of games is all that matters and what interests the majority of gamers.

At this point in the game affordability is what's going to trump power. However, that's pretty much been that way since the beginning of this gen.

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Vizigoth04358d ago

"Will we possibly see the day where the console becomes much like its PC brethren and instead of an entire new console we see upgraded parts for your existing console?"

This is ultimately what I hope things eventually come down to. The reason why I would prefer this method over PC is to me PC has it's purpose. And for me that purpose is work. When it comes to consoles for me it mean play. Whether you're playing videogames, movies, music, you're playing or streaming entertainment. I don't need Windows or Apple Operating System to purchase. I don't need Microsoft Office. I'm not buying an expensive device to work. It's to game on. And to be able to as new hardware comes out upgrade on the fly. Games adjust graphic fidelity based on resources available. Plus maybe play in 3 modes. Performance, Best Graphics or Balanced.

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